Iran unveils a "bomber" drone

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by brettarider, Aug 22, 2010.

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  1. So Mr dinner jacket thinks it's a tool of friendship? The man gets more deluded!

    Iran has unveiled what it says is its first domestically built unmanned - or drone - bomber.

    President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the plane could serve as a "messenger of death", but that its key message was one of friendship.

    Iranian state TV later showed the "Karrar" aircraft in flight.

    It said it had a range of 1,000km (620 miles) and could carry two 250-pound (115kg) bombs, or a precision bomb of 500 pounds.

    The plane is the latest in a series of new pieces of military hardware unveiled by Iran.

    "This jet is a messenger of honour and human generosity and a saviour of mankind, before being a messenger of death for enemies of mankind," President Ahmadinejad said after unveiling the Karrar at a ceremony with defence officials.

    "The key message is friendship," he added. "We must make efforts to render all the enemy's weapons useless with our defence potential."

    The unveiling came amid continuing concerns over Iran's nuclear programme.

    Western states suspect Iran is trying to obtain a nuclear bomb, though Iran says its programme is designed to boost domestic power supplies.

    On Saturday, Iran began loading fuel rods at the Bushehr nuclear power station built and operated by Russia.

    The US said it saw no "proliferation risk" from the plant, though Israel condemned the move.
  2. just hope will smith sorry obama, doesnt see it!
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    That thing looks well shit. At first I thought it was a toy, but now I am convinced it is just a joke. I wonder if the writing on the side says 'It is only a matter of time before we get very badly****ed up by Israel or its Dad America'.
  4. Is it me or does that bomber/rocket look remarkably like a V1? see :- German V1 Rocket - Military Photos Images Pictures Discussion
  5. Sleep walking towards a Rogue state with deployable theatre Nuclear weapons. This policy of appeasement serves nobodys interests but Iran.

    They're laughing as they skip their way toward their own manhattan project.
  6. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    It won't come to that. They will get****ed up before they can deploy a tactical nuke (or in their case, one attached to a glider with elastic bands and glue). I still say they will supply irradiated material to one of the usual suspects who will in turn detonate something nasty in Madrid, Paris or London. I said it would happen within 10 years in 2006, so they still have plenty of time.
  7. It can carry two 250lb bombs...

    **** sake they'd be better of lighting some fireworks and pointing them towards Tel Aviv and hoping the wind carrys them.
    And that sad pathetic dinner jacket **** is actually applauding, this new "bomber" as if they have just built a B2 ****ing bomber
  8. I think someone in Iranian aerospace design is a Dan Dare fan. It looks like one of the dodgy spaceships he used to fly.
    As a 'drone', it's main point is to be flown from the ground. That means that the Iranians had better have some pretty good way of guarding their uplinks, or it's just a big, green, exploding glider.
  9. I thought the idea of a UAV was to be a controllable uninhabited vehicle.... That looks like a piss-poor TLAM knockoff that might just drop a couple of Mk 81 slick bombs somewhere in the same country as yon target before falling out of the sky....... In that role it's about as useful as hanging them from a microlight.

    Put a few kilos of partly enriched uranium in the nose and you've got a pretty handy radiological device.
  10. I thought it looked like the fcuking Thunderbirds spaceship!

  11. It looks like a V2 had babies with a tomahawk then shat all over itself. I would like to think its a fake just to set up some ruse that they are more powerful than people think and that while they just became a slightly higher threat to "world peace" the spams best think twice before knocking on the door.

    Something makes me think it wont make anyone more friendly with iran.
  12. Looks like something out of an Ann Summers catalogue.
  13. It looks like one of the Thunderbirds from the puppet show.
  14. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    With any luck Iranian airspace will soon be receiving a visit from some B-2A bombers with some nasty surprises for dinnerjacket and the rest of his fundumentalist nazi regime.