Iran to try British Embassy Staff over protests

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Spenny, Jul 3, 2009.

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  1. Chances of a fair trial?................ probably none. Chances of the penalty being execution if found guilty?........... quite likely Id say.

    So how do we apply pressure on Iran to secure there release? Do we rely on the Septics for a helping hand? Thoughts?

  2. execution of british nationals?? 8O that'd be a warrant to drop a few bombs on Iran wouldn't it?! :? they'd never dare as they know what the reponse would be! :x
  3. Well you'd think so mate, but then its fcuking Iran - what other "punishments" do you think they'd dish out to these blokes? Hopefully it never gets that far, but what if it does? Its not as if they are trying to get into our good books!!
  4. I think now is the time to put down the carrot and begin waving the stick.
    Unfortunately, Iran seems intent on pushing the boundaries with the UK and they need to be shown they've found them before they do something really bloody stupid that leaves us with no choice other than a major military response.
  5. They aren't British nationals, they are apparently all local employee's at the British Embassy.
    Sadly this is what happens when we have a weak and ineffective government, every tinpot little country thinks they can have a pop and get away with it. Even more sadly every little tinpot country can and will get away with it.

    Miliband will utter some harsh words and Brown will wet his trousers again (allegedly) and we will stand quietly by.
  6. Did you just not bother reading the article before you posted the outrage bus/ gunboat response?

    Ditto the original poster. These are locally employed staff who almost certainly do not enjoy diplomatic protection.

    Moving on . I wonder how much more obvious Iran can make it that they want us to talk to them about something?
  7. Surely dinerjacket could just phone Brown instead of all this willy waving?
  8. Fair point PTP and yes I admit that I did miss that on the article, but my original post still stands, as they do work for the British Embassy. "How do we apply pressure on Iran to secure there release?"........... or do we just cut them loose?
  9. er.. well no, because i watched it on the news and it just said British embassy staff, so you would presume that they meant British staff. Fair comment you made tho 8) But i do think they need a good response... maybe get the Met to arrest all their staff in London for activities not in line with diplomatic status and throw them out of the UK? :wink:
  10. I doubt that any other country would continue to put up with Iran pushing them around like we do. We are like the frightened little victim at school, the bully keeps coming back because he knows he can get away with it. The rest of the educated world just stands and watches as does our craven government. If we threw a few F**Ks at them in whatever form i'm sure they'd hate us the same but they would be a bit more wary of us.
    The IED's that continue to kill and maim our best probably originated from Iran.
  11. Quite agree :!:
  12. Perhaps they'll take their iPods away and make them cry? Or are they made of sterner stuff than the Andrew?
  13. Firstly, the staff are Iranian nationals. This incident is the result of a struggle between different factions within the Iranian regime. Hardliners are shoring up their power base and diverting attention away from the recent unrest by arresting these guys.

    Gobbing off about it is simply playing into the hands of this faction. The only thing Britain can do is sit quietly and they'll probably be released after a while.

    I have to say all this talk of military action and 'using the stick' is making me laugh.

    Bomb them into the Stone Age!! With what? From where? :roll:

    Some people really need to realise that Britain is no great power any more. Hanging on to Trident and carriers is just keeping up the pretence.

    Blame McRuin and NuLab all you want but it's not going to be much different under the Tories.

    The Obama administration has made a strategic decision to engage in dialogue with Iran and certainly isn't going to let something like this get in the way. Are we really going to go against the US? No chance.
  14. Apemanijad and the Mad Mullahs V Cyclops in a battle of wills, cunning, ruthlesness and brinksmanship.

    Since we can no longer make use of gunboat diplomacy, we have a choice of trying to persuade the EU to apply collective pressure (no chance) or go cap in hand to the Yanks (Obama is still an unknown quantity).

    In the meantime the Iranians can toy with us much as they please. Perhaps we can hurt them a bit economically or do some damage behind the scenes but thats about it. They picked their target well and picked the degree of provocation perfectly. Enough to embarass us and make us look weak, but not enough to force Gordon to grow a pair of balls and launch a missile strike on their achilles tendon (oil refineries).
  15. Good point Tom. But having just spent 6 months in Iran I can say with some degree of certainty that the Iranian govt doesnt actualy GAF about UK. As far as they are concerned they are carrying out the will of God and in their view of the big scheme of things, UK is insignificant.