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Iran to send warships near to US coast

Wow, I bet that the owners of the world's largest navy are really shitting themselves at the thought.

FFS, even the post SDSR RN would be in fits of hysterics at the idea of the Iranian Navy projecting power off of our coast.
Actually the funny side of it is imagining what sort of paranoid hysterics the G2 geeks will be in over this. What blue water capability does the Iranian navy have anyway ? ...really up the ante, ask for basing facilities in Venezuela ?
Now who says that your Religious extremist does not have a sense of humour?

"powerful presence", would that be one or two battle fleets? Or, perhaps, a carrier battle group. No?
So it may be a corvette instead, this one will after all be manned by steely eyed potential Martyrs for Allah. Inflatable boats nearly sank the guided missile destroyer USS Cole, so a tin can displacing a couple of tons would constitute 'powerful".

Staying on station should not be an issue, there would only be one port on Cuba that would be closed to them.

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