Iran to N Korea Lets Make a Deal


The deal in question is oil and natural gas and help with making nuclear warheads for missiles. Dont know why Iran would deal with crazy Kim Jong Il when the Russians or Chinese would probably make the same kind of deal. To avoid interdiction at sea I would think N Korean scientists/engineers would take up residence in Iran. The world is going to be a very exciting place over the next 5 years or so.
Does this sound familiar?

From Reuters.

"WASHINGTON - An Iranian exile released details on Monday about what he said was Teheran’s extensive network of underground tunnels to conceal nuclear-capable missile production and North Korea’s role in the project.

"Alireza Jafarzadeh, whose National Council of Resistance of Iran disclosed Iran’s clandestine nuclear program in 2002, said the underground tunnel 'goes well beyond' revelations he made last September. The council seeks to overthrow Iran’s clerical rulers and is listed by the US State Department as a terrorist organization.


"'I am also revealing details on the involvement of North Korea in hiding Iranian missile construction,' he said. US officials previously have said that North Korea, a leading supplier of missiles and technologies, was helping Iran."

‘North Korea aiding Iran missile network’ 21 November 2005
You referred to Chalabi and the role he played leading up to the invasion of Iraq. However, the US has no interest in invading Iran as we have our hands full in Iraq and Astan. So that leaves air strikes to stop/slow down the Iranian nuclear weapons program or live with a nuclear Iran with all the uncertainty that entails. Much of the Iranian weapons program is underground and dispersed which makes it very hard to strike. We could strike the reactor site but that is a bit risky to the population near the facility- if the reactor is operational. Iran's government is already pretty radicalized so striking their facilities won't change that. They could try to launch a terror campaign in the US which might then see US air strikes on their military and IRG units and facilities. Its a tough decision.
The real blowback from an aerial attack on Iran won't be in the US so I wouldn't stockpile the duct tape just yet, I think it would be in Iran's backyard. Although that belief does seem to give the lie to the "fight them over there so we don't have to fight them over here" argument. Remember that terrorism is a tactic, not an end in itself.

Firstly they can put some real effort into the Iraqi insurgency. Thousands of hard core Iranians driving over in civvy cars with a bootful of RPGs can't be stopped by airpower.

Then there's the info ops arena - if you think bombing static Iranian targets won't involve lots of dead civvies splashed all over the world's media you don't understand the game. And imagine the headlines, "Generations of Iranian children to get cancer from cowardly US terror bombings of nuclear reactors".

Which leads neatly into the Iraqi population's response, a key enabler to Iranian operations inside Iraq. When they see Iranians dying they may well choose to side with their neighbours rather than their occupiers. Whether or not the regime within the Green Mile agrees, if the locals decide to allow the Iranians to act or to support them then the position of US troops has just got a lot worse. If I was the Iranians I'd make it my first priority to overrun a US base and grab loads of hostages - then maybe threaten to execute them live on TV if any more civvies get bombed in Iran.

Of course by this stage the Brits will have disappeared off the map under a flood of enraged Shia. Never mind, we can make a sequel to Zulu but without the happy ending.

And then the Iranians can see if their investments in cruise missiles and small boats can interdict enough of the oil flowing through the region to hit the US economically. Airpower, I know - but can it do everthing at once ? I think not.

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