Iran to launch Fajr satellite in next Iranian year

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Caretaker of Iran's Aerospace Industries Organization announced Tuesday the domestically-built Fajr (Dawn) satellite would be launched in the early months of next Iranian year (to start March 20, 2012).

I wouldn't be surprised if it collided with some old lump of space junk and got damaged beyond repair, there's an awful lot of American, sorry, Soviet, scrap up there it could bump into.
I just hope the launch rockets function properly. I would hate to have to duck every time they moved it to get a look at Farnborough airport, or Hawley training area.
Oh dear......the Americans won't like that.....god forbid Iran launching a satellite!
Haven't the Yanks got some sort of anti-satellite laser thingy, or did I dream it?
Haven't the Yanks got some sort of anti-satellite laser thingy, or did I dream it?
I think that was their star wars project thing....but they forgot that they haven't got a laser that can destroy stuff.....well, at least one that is portable enough to get into space.

I think the chinks...oh sorry Chinese for the PC whallahs out there, have actually got some anti satellite stuff.
Well done, Trigger. The Iranians have already launched several domestically-built satellites on domestically-built launchers. Navid (launched on Feb 3rd on a 'Safir' booster, a modified Shahab IRBM) is currently on orbit apparently taking earth observing images. It's a 50 kg satellite that's meant to be up there for 18 months, and it's flying over the UK 5 times today (next pass is at 13:02 GMT).

Navid - Orbit

Iran launched new 2012 satellite into Orbit

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