Iran to build 10 more nuclear plants and Increase Military

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. Note the last sentence--haven't we seen this a few times before with really great results from our ever-effective UN?

  2. The BBC did this this morning.

    Although there is a risk in that it could take the Iranians up to 6 months to put together enough uranium (assuming the Natanz plant is the only one they have working on it, without any more James Bond Supervillain underground bases popping up), that doesn't mean that they would be able to use it.

    Even if they have a bomb blueprint courtesy of the Pakistanis, that still doesn't mean it would work first time (the North Korean one didn't) or that they have a practical delivery system.

    They could bodge together a Uranium bomb but it would be pretty huge, and probably wouldn't fit on any of their missiles. I seriously doubt that they have the ability to convert the Uranium into the plutonium for the smaller warhead that would fit. Even if they could get the bird to fly, I think there 's a fairly good chance either the US or Israel could knock it out. They haven't got enough hardware to saturate the defences to guarantee a hit in the old Cold War manner, so theat would leave them wide open to all manner of retaliation from the Israelis. Who do have working missiles.

    They could build a 'dirty' bomb now, but that wouldn't be flamboyant enough.

    Personally I think this is headline grabbing to try and fill the papers with Western denunciations before the Revolution anniversary in a couple of days time. Otherwise the Western media might be more interested in things like civil disobedience, extra judicial killings, imprisonment without trial, and all the other good stuff the mullahs have been up to lately.
  3. If this happened, how long until the Israelis took action?
  4. Good points as usual. I guess I was more drawn to the statement of the Frenchman as another reminder of how ineffective our international structures can be at times.
  5. I feel the Iranian government led by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is angling for some sort of confrontation with the West to distract the Iranian peoples'critiscim of the Iranian regime.

    It is an open secret last year's elections were rigged,and street protests are ongoing with,according to BBC reports one in Tehran on 11th February to co-incide with the 31st anniversary of the overthrow of the Shah if Iran.The opposition is gaining popular support with the general population who are suffering several hardships as a result of the Islamic regime.

    Any external attack upon Iran will solidify support behind the present regime.Something for the planners in Washington DC and Tel Aviv to consider.
  6. As has been discussed on other threads, I think the larger issue for planners is whether or not any attack short of nuclear or at least a coordinated air/ground campaign (not merely one or 2 air sorties) will be worth the effort in terms of actual disruption of Iran's nuclear effort. Again, that is the frustration of the incredible delays we have seen over the years in doing anything effective in positively influencing these sorts of situations where an unstable nation (or its ruling elite) basically thumbs its nose at the world community in terms of wmd development.
  7. Threatening words from the French, I can't see imadinnerjacket being too concerned.

    The article I read yesterday, noted that they could only enrich to 20%, weapons grade nukes need 90%, and to do that they would need specialist equipment that currently has an export ban on it?

    I can't see Pakistan being to co-operative with the Iranian’s at the moment with half of Europe and the US in Afghan, and the rest in an armada floating off the coast. The Chinese surely don't want a rouge state (N Korea is a different situation), having nukes within chucking distance of them?