Iran threatens to block Strait of Hormuz

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Speedy, Dec 28, 2011.

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  1. Surely this is a job for SEA HARRIER!

    I summon Yokel to bore the Iranians sensless with whatever shite he currently wants to post on this subject...
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  2. [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    All hail the mighty Sea Harrier, the all conquering scourge of the skies!
  3. Sounds like a job for the Royals.

    Ah...hold on.
  4. Fear not!

    Our latest sleek grey war canoes now come with…

    iPod docks!
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  5. On the Beltway, down in Langley, in every neo-con and rabidly right wing senator's office, there are fervent prayers going up for
    Iran to actually blockade an international waterway.
    In Israel, that nice Mr Netanyahu will already be poring over strike plans, confident that O'Bama will not release the 5th Fleet's
    assets but that he can launch a pre-emptive strike, knowing that there will not be the usual world-wide cries of condemnation.
    Oh boy, did ever Armoureddinnerjacket and his boys ever misread the runes.
    China, India and (I think) Brazil will be a little put out that their main source of oil and gas is intent on immolation,
    but Russia and Iran will already be looking at new markets, just as the US will be making bestest mates with Libya.
    But on the other hand.... it could just be the usual Iranian pomp and delusion getting an airing.
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  6. Well you have to admit this is an instance in which access to a dozen or so Sea Jets might actually be handy.
  7. Dusky, de-sheathed, musky sword waving. Whatever.
  8. For doing what perxactly?
  9. Are SHAR any good against a swarm of go-fasts?
  10. Flying around shooting at Iranians. Small surface combatants, shore batteries and a second/third rate AF as opposition should have seen the SHAR right at home.
  11. A couple of passes with 30mm wouldn't have made the driver's day any easier.

  12. There are a very considerable amount of airfields down the Gulf coast that could accommodate strike aircraft to enable a 24 CAP over the Strait. Plus I really don't think the Yanks won't be putting a carrier close to. In fact, don't they have one there permanently based out of Bahrain ?