Iran - The end draws near?

Just had through from a couple of 'contacts' that Iran have just attcked Iraqi oil pipelines. I'm not absolutely certain of the validity of this as none of the news websites are reporting it but it would be very interesting if true.

Anyone else heard similar reports?
Just had that news too. im in the business** and it's sturing things up!!!

** that's oil stuff, and also edited to add i can't find any news links yet - provocation to UK and America???
And there is America's excuse to go into Iran
I wouldnt think this was complete rumour. It would be interesting to know the reasons, it isnt totally unlike Iran to do things simply for provocation of the west.
Oh great! will I need my emergency travel warrant and dog tags. Well we will soon find out if Iran has any capable nukes then, this is the last thing we need if it is true another war hanging on the shirt tails of the US.

On the other hand will the US wait for the UN or just let rip.
anyone think the Israelis might see this as an excuse to kick off?
re-stilly said:
On the other hand will the US wait for the UN or just let rip.
When did the US wait for the UN?

I see the US doing its quick race around Europe gathering support to invade Iran, only this time I hope our PM see's fit to **** them off. However, I think our wonderous PM will use it as an excuse to stay in power longer.

We are dooomed, doooooomed I tell you!
It is a worrying development, there area number of things that will need to be addressed not least the equipment and funding.

I take your point on the UN but with the Russians so heavily involved in Iran, I wonder if Obama might take a more diplomatic approach even if it is a token gesture, just to say they tried. When it comes to Europe throwing their weight behind it there is only 1 nation that will do that and that is us, the rest won't want to know.
looks like a false alarm. Crude has fallen back down. Initial reports we're from an Iraqi working on the al-Fakah oil field, that a small number of Iranian troops had crossed over into the oil field and then fuc k ed off again. Not sure if there was any explosion or not!

edited for extremely poor spelling on al-Fakah !!
Good point about the Russians, althought they (and China) have critisized Iran over its so called secret nuclear plant it would be hard to guage their reaction. It is obvious that Israel will get involved and I would say that if they get involved it going to open a whole can of worms that will not be good for the world. It does appear that this provocation (if true) will require action of some sort, if not, it will be seen as a vctory for Iran and thus weaken the US's influence in the region.
Agreed, I bet there are a lot of rather flustered UN envoys in New York at the moment apart from the permanent members who else is sitting on the security council?? As that will influence what action is taken overall.
Oh, well; Xmas telly is usually boring. Live 24 hour coverage of World War III by CNN - now THAT'S intertainment! :twisted:
MSI64 said:
And there is America's excuse to go into Iran
Oh my aching back!! :cry: :roll: We've already been fighting here since 2001.

Ironic though. The empty suit that prides himself on being "Not Bush" and for trying the Kumbayah Way to get along with other countries may end up being an even greater war hawk than Bush ever was. :omfg: :slow: I wonder what that'll do to his image in Europe where he was thought to be the Second Coming? :?

Let's see. Puts down the Nobel Peace Prize and grabs the War Crown and gives it a lick of polish... Sends the Harpy Hillary Rodham-Clinton to make menacing sounds to Ahmad-Dinner-Jacket... :p :threaten: :skull: :mrgreen:


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