Iran Tests "Fast" Torpedo

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Apr 3, 2006.

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  1. The BBC World Service TV, has just shown an Iranian 'film' of a 'claimed 100 meters'/sec torpedo. The torp is shown being fired, a 'Fast' track through the water and an explosion.
    Can this be the famous "Supersonic" torpedo much luvved by certain board members.
    'It' was fast but certainly not 100m/s.
  2. They're crediting it with about 250kts, which sounds about right for a Shkval-type weapon. Which comes out at somewhere around 100-150m/s.

  3. The Iranian's would love to bag a carrier with one of these babies.
  4. got to get within 7 or 8 k of a battlegroup.
    don't see there hi tech submarines pulling that stunt off
  5. Oh I dont know, they've got Kilos havent they? People tend to look down their noses at diesel-electric boats these days, but in the right hands, they are very sneaky.
  6. Practically every time the US Navy goes up against diesel-electric boats from Latin American navies during exercises, the Yanks end up having their arrses handed to them in terms of carriers sunk etc! The thought of one of these weapons on a Kilo must be making the Pentagon shite itself.
  7. CarpeDiem, that is bollix. On the rare occassions when an SSK gets within striking range of a CVN, this is big news and is talked about for ages. Most recently, an Aussia Collins class supposedly 'sunk' a CVN, but this was when the CVN had to transit narrow straights and the SSK was lying in wait. What aren't talked about are the numerous occassions when SSK's get 'sunk' by the CVN's escorts or, more commonly, never get anywhere near the CVN in the first place. Basically, SSK's lack the speed to be a real threat to CSGs operating in the open seas, although admittedly they're very dangerous in littoral waters (which the CVN would generally keep well away from).

    As for the 'Shkval', it's a short-range weapon, generally used as a last-ditch defensive weapons when the sub is attacked. It's very noisy and difficult to guide accurately.
  8. Surely the Iranian navy only have to "lie in wait" at the horn of aden for anything that might want to enter the gulf?

    It neednt even be torpedos couldnt submarine deployed mines could be just as effective in holding up a supply chain? Or forcing surface vessels into a narrow enough channel to make even unguided missiles into a turkey shoot?
  9. Andy, Have got the info at home. Will read tonight and repost tomorrow.

    As for the Shkval being short range, it doesn't really matter. The Iranians aren't interested in taking on the USN in a blue-water slug-fest. All they have to do is sink a tanker or such in the Straits of Hormuz and totally bu@@er the oil supply to the western world, a course of action that the Iranians have repeatedly threatened. A short range torpedo that is difficult to guide would still be absolutely devastating in such a narrow stretch of water. On top of that, if Tehran was acting openly, they have a very large supply of mines of various types and ages that could be laid without a problem as well as quite a few AShMs (Silkworms etc), both air and land-launched, with some relatively modern aircraft and prepared launch sites. Yes, the USN wouldn't have much of a problem taking them apart but the Iranians could do some incredible damage very easily, either to military or civilian targets.
  10. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer like the Straits of Hormuz and Kilo operating out of Chah Bahar aginst the USS Abraham Lincoln then...sorta fing ? ( apart from the fact that she's Pacific Fleet...)

    I am constantly amazed at the arrant B0ll0cks that gets bandied about concerning the <<Shkval>>...This is NOT a new was being discussed on Usenet in 1997.

    (the sort of scare story is.... they have hypersonic torpedoes which threaten our 90,000 tonne CVNs........we must attack them to defend ourselves.......)

    Lee Shaver
  11. Indeed, Shkval is basically a last ditch defensive weapon, short ranged and essentially unguided unless operating at low speed (in which case you might as well use a torpedo):

    Yes, there are choke points in the region and that's precicely why Iran bought the Kilos. And those choke points are exactly where the USN will be looking to find the Kilos.
  12. But the problem is that Iran can close the Straits without using their Kilos. They have been running increasing number of tests using mini subs to lay mines over the past few years, been busy buying in increasingly good Chinese ASh technology etc. Basically they could conceivably shut the Straits without ever exposing the SSKs
  13. Anyone know much about Irans military strength overall, number of army units, air squadrons, fleet size? quality of equipment and training etc?
    I don't claim to be a top-bod on the subject of Iran but i imagine they may put up more of an initial resistance than Iraq did.
  14. Now, I hope there is no objections if Russia would sell 'Shkvals' to Iran as they tested Iranian made, Iranian desigened shk... torpedo.