Iran - Terrorism

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cernunnos, Jan 11, 2012.

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  1. It's just a thought I think we might discuss, but now that Iranian scientists have the life expectancy of a mayfly and with our septic ally's senators openly gloating over each "result."

    Who are the global terrorists now?
  2. This will depend on what side of the fence you sit on. They are all as bad as each other, and would kill their own granny if it meant they get another term on the gravy train.

    Cynic Moi, surely you are jesting sir.
  3. Isn't it the Holy Land Dwellers behind these unexplained <cough> Mossad <cough> killings?

    I'd understand if the Iranians felt they needed to respond in kind, maybe by taking out a few of the Israeli nuclear scientists, the ones who haven't created secret nuclear weapons for Israel. No siree Bob.
  4. I posted this because I don't like double standards. I like to get a job done and don't get me wrong, by any means if the end is worthwhile. We've all had to work under ridiculous rules of engagement of late and some of us may mourn the loss of crown immunity.

    All said, assassinating civilians in a country not at war is a crime and regardless of who is chucking the sticky bombs, it's terrorism.
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  5. Agreed.
  6. Take my last statement a step futher, even if war had been declared. Targeting an individual civilian in an enemy state, regardless of his occupation, is probably a war crime.
  7. Oi! Any more of that libellous bilge and I'll have Messrs Carter-**** all over you faster than the Revolutionary Guard can frisk matelots for iPods!

    So there!
  8. Steady chaps, steady, shake a reef out of your knickers here, it just may be the case that these "Assassinations" are of the home grown type and really not down to the septics or the red sea pedestrians.
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  9. And? I've not got a giant beak or curly hair so fortunately it's not my problem, the most our government can manage is a stern
    Look and a strongly worded letter.
  10. If only it were that simple. Iran is certainly a complex entity. That happens when you mix religion and politics together to run the place. The Iranians are pretty clear that they would like to nuke Israel off the face of the earth. They have, from all the press reports I have recently read, been rapidly acquiring the means to achieve that aim. I can't blame Israel and anybody else for that matter for being quite jittery about it all. Let's face it, if those two really go for it, will the rest of the world be able to just stand on the sidelines cheering their team on. That's very unlikely.

    I remember what happened to the Jews in the holocaust. I also think the Jews are guilty of some quite nasty stuff against the Palestinians. The Palestinians for their part though, would cheer very loudly from the rooftops across the border if Israel was nuked. As I said. It's a very complex set of problems. Much as I would like to suggest some solutions, I don't think there are any nor are any of the parties concerned really interested in any solutions other than killing each other at the moment.

    Should the Israelis be doing assassinations? Perhaps not. Would they be doing them if others were not threatening to exterminate the Israelis? Hopefully not. I have a lot of sympathy with your view but I can see why these things are happening.
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  11. Soggy4978

    Soggy4978 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    That would be the state of Israel you're thinking of, not the Jews in general.
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  12. I apologise if I've stereotyped Jews. It was unintentional. I did of course mean the state of Israel in my point about the Palestinians.
  13. Soggy4978

    Soggy4978 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    No apology needed. We'd all be bulldozing homes in Gaza if we had the chance.
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  14. Meeting fire with fire is fine in my book. When you play by the rules you lose.
  15. Has the word "assasination" come out of fashion? And what part of killing Iranian nuclear scientists, in Iran mind you, is global?

    This was a targeted assasination. Whoever it was took great pains to only kill the target, I have trouble classifying it as "terrorism". Now if they took out the entire block to take out the target you may have a point.

    If a country is working to develop weapons, are the people involved in that development not a legitimate target? Geneva convention is a bit hazy in this area as Iran is complicite as any using proxy militias like hizbolla.

    By the way, you have ZERO proof that this was who you are implying it was. It could just as well be the saudis or any one of westernized arab countries that hate the iranians as much as the israelis do.

    or, it could be an internal group to Iran that does not want the current political structure to remain in place.

    Israel has not admitted guilt or gloated, but that is to say there is no reason for them to not be happy about it. Your defacto automatic blame is as bad as Irans.

    If it was israel, would you prefer that western powers simply invade creating a theatre wide war to achieve aims or simply take out one guy? I'm sure there would be much less bloodshed that way :/

    Besides, during WWII when Britain bombed amunition factories and dams, did civilians not work in them? Would that, by your definition, then be a war crime?
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