Iran-Students boycott exams

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by HectortheInspector, Jan 22, 2010.

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    Not a particularly thrilling headline, but in those parts they remember that it was the students in 1979 who started the Revolution.
    If the students are angry, then the Government is nervous...
    And the anniversary of the Revolution is next month.
  2. Students tend to be a highly obvious symptom that a revolution may be about to occur, but I'm hard-pressed to think of an occasion where a student protest has been the deciding factor. Revolutions are generally only successful if somebody else (usually a far less well-off somebody) picks up the ball and runs for the touchline.

    Having said that, I hope this really is the beginning of the end for the current Iranian lot - I just hope the bloke in the street doesn't have to pick up the bill as well as the ball.
  3. Typical students! Tcch!

    Any excuse to avoid doing any work and have a lie in.

    I bet they'll still be down the Tehran equivalent of the student bar at lunchtime though...


  4. Given that the french students have been on strike since the dawn of time, I'm not sure this really holds in every country.
  5. I've said it before, that I don't see Iran as a Revolution waiting to happen. I see it as a failed state in progress. I agree with you that, unlike 1979, when Khomeini was lurking in Paris with what was effectively a pre packed Government in exile, there isn't a single leader candidate now.
    Even the so-called reformists who lost out in the election, and that the students are supporting, are by definition pretty radical Islamists, or they wouldn't even have been allowed to stand.

    Saying that, Martin Luther still probably thought himself a pretty devout Roman Catholic when his modest little 'Protest' against Church corruption kicked off the Reformation and nearly a century of bloody religious strife.

    There is a huge disgruntled, but aimless, population in Iran. it's young, educated, and urban. The Government are a bunch of elderly priests devoted to a restrictive medieval worldview that is simply out of touch with what their own population want.

    It's not so much that the population will rise up FOR something. I have a sneaking feeling it will simply resist AGAINST, blindly, out of sheer frustration. No revolution, just insurrection. There will be a slide towards chaos, and internal troublemakers like the Kurds, Arab, and Baluch separatists will all join in the fun.

    And I don't see that anything the Government has in its locker, apart from promoting distracting foregn adventures, will stop this.
  6. Some of our french exchange students are useless, the rest are some of the best students ive met, except for the germans.