Iran stops oil sales to British, French companies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MOD_ RSS, Feb 19, 2012.

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  2. How surprising. £2 a litre by christmas. Ho ho ho presents for everyone.
  3. Country refuses to trade with countries which have already refused to trade with it.

    I'm confused: what is it I'm supposed to be getting outraged about?
  4. Bollocks to them, I've got a new pair of boots.
  5. Couldn't give a toss. Unless I need to pay even ****ing more for petrol. £1.37 a litre, disgusting, just gives the government another excuse to ramp up the price a bit and strangle motorists even more.
  6. Government doesn't set oil prices, that would've been the USSR.
  7. Somebody is increasing vegetable oil in line with diesel.
  8. You're supposed to get outraged about the fact that they've refused to trade with countries which refused to trade with them. If that makes any sense.
  9. You do realise how you pay per litre is tax? Frog.
  10. The sooner we get fracking the better!
  11. No, but they do put tax on it. Which affects the price at the pumps.

  12. Here comes the oil companies and the government. They are both snapping on the latex gloves. Everybody assume the position!
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  13. Unless I have been misinformed, very little of the UK`s oil comes from there. It should not affect our pump price.
  14. Fuel taxation

    unleaded-12th-august-2011.png Diesel-12th-august-2011.png
  15. 20% of Europes oil I recall.