Iran Shows Footage of Indiginous Qaher F-313 'Stealth Fighter'

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by Magic_Mushroom, Apr 18, 2017.

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  1. It's an improvement on the previously shown comedy mock-up...


    ...especially given the original B&Q Perspex canopy...

    [​IMG] ejection seat...


    ...and a cockpit that looks like it would be more at home in a home-built...


    ...but not by much!

    Essentially, the Qaher F-313 looks like a publicity exercise for domestic audiences. While it's capable of taxi trials, and possibly even flight, this is a long, long way from being a credible combat design!




    I don't think F-22 and F-35 pilots need to lose to much sleep just yet! :)

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  2. the droopy wing ends look like they have seen Firefox a few to many times. Or is that just me.
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  3. Is it me or does it look rather small.

    Have they done a Spinal Tap, stonehenge stage prop cock up.
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  4. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    No. It's a cunning plan. By making it very, very small they reduce the RCS.
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  5. Go to bed Clint
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  6. You feelin' lucky, punk?

    If so, buy a lotto ticket.
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  7. Looks rather odd from this angle. The very round leading edge and thick aerofoil must limit performance if it ever actually gets in the air......:roll:

    f313_0_0.jpg f313_0_0.jpg
  8. It's not small. It's far away.
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  9. Ain't it amazin' wot they can do wif playdoh these days?
    Am it halal?
  10. I thought it was only cows that did that?
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  11. So the rest of the world has been using ultra thin wing sections on all jet fighters since the 50's, but Iran decides to go with what looks like the type of modified Clark-Y section that I used to use on R/C training models.

    That's rather quaint.

    And the intakes should be blanked off nicely from all of that nasty air stuff at high angles of attack.
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  13. No canopy locks either by the look of it. Not that you'd be able to see where you were going through that piece of cräp...
  14. I know nothing of military jets but I've flown a Cessna 150 with more buttons and switches, now I don't think this thing is real.
  15. Actual footage of the new Iranian fighter undergoing air to air combat testing.

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