Iran says talks can resolve nuclear standoff

DAKAR (Reuters) - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Thursday he believed his dispute with the West over his country's nuclear program could be resolved through negotiations and that he was open to "new conditions".

"We are partisan to dialogue and negotiation and we believe that we can resolve the problems in a context of dialogue and of justice together," Ahmadinejad told a midnight news conference during a visit to Senegal's capital Dakar.

The United States said on Wednesday Iran was "aggressively" pursuing atomic bombs and should face sanctions now, but EU allies said it was not too late for talks on a negotiated solution to the standoff.

The Western partners in a group of six powers dealing with Iran appeared to differ over the urgency of sanctions in their statements to the U.N. nuclear watchdog's board of governors.

A minister from Washington's staunchest ally, Britain, warned Tehran probably had the resources to endure sanctions.

A meeting between European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana and Iranian negotiator Ali Larijani, set for Thursday, was postponed without reasons given. EU diplomats had said they would discuss a tentative offer by Larijani to consider temporarily halting enrichment of uranium for nuclear fuel.

What's he up to now? Has he realised that forging ahead with the Nuclear issue, may well frustrate and terminate his other ambitions, either diplomatically , or under a MOAB shower?

It's good to talk, especially for Iran.
I doubut he cares what the West thinks he has China and Japan on his side economically, this is just another masterful delaying tactic to help paint the US as the aggressor. You have to admit he's not a bad player at this level.
He's a Persian , he's born good at it.

I believe Iran almost certainly has a covert uranium enrichment program underway, well away from prying eyes in the bowels of a mountain somewhere, where not even MOABs would destroy it.

Short of using nukes or full-scale regime change, the Iranians are just going to continue on their merry way.

All this negotiation palaver is just filibustering.

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