Iran - Russia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by thebatoneffect, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. What of Russian - Iranian relations?

    A hold on European gas supplies AND an ally with nuclear weapons with a grasp of the Straits of Hormuz would mean serious trouble

    Or even without a Nuclear armed Iran, just with larger Russian support ....?
  2. And let's not forget Israel while we're at it...

    It's all gonna end it tears...
  3. Debka, eh? I found this to be more of an authority on Iranian-Russian relations
  4. Debka eh? I found this to be more of an authority on world affairs.
  5. With it's track record, Bush and Co is going to feck this all up for everybody.

    Last time I heard, they are trying to get US troops to protect the Georgian airspace, waterways and military bases.

    Talk about an escalation and me thinks it is not coming from the Ruskies.
  6. I found their historical take on Anglo-German relations to be particulary illuminating! :lol:
  7. I might sound a tad alarmist here, but I think we are seeing the build up to world war 3. I wonder what odds I could get on a world war within the next dacade.
  8. bah waste of money if you won would you be able to collect or spend your winnings