Iran reveals model aeroplane

Inspired by James May's project to build a full size Spitfire from a scaled up Airfix kit, Iran has produced the "Q313" from fibreglass and some parts smuggled in from Maplins.

BBC News - Iran unveils Qaher F313 'stealth fighter' plane

Of course the BBC have been taken in completely... :/

Some good pictures here:
The Aviationist » Iran unveils new indigenous stealth fighter “Qaher 313″. And here’s a detailed analysis.

Why would they release any close up pictures of such nonsense?
Probably because the Al Qaeda Broadcasting Corporation... I mean the BBC, did a little wee in their pants with joy when they saw this.

There are only so many stories you can drag up on multiculturalism and Palestine you know!

Fear not, here is is the Israeli counter-measure all ready to go!

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