Iran - Rates Of LOA

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wg100, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. Anyone know what the going rate of LOA is for Iran?

    Are the guys (and gal) who are over there going to be getting anything else for their troubles? I mean, every cloud has a silver lining, doesn't it?
  2. yeh its 1 pound for everytime you get shot, and a 10er everytime they bum you.
  3. you sick barsteward :twisted: ok I am laughing but I know I shouldnt :oops:
  4. So it's new cars and holidays to Florida all round when they get back then? Apart from the bird of course, because to be frank I don't think even an Arab would want to bum that.
  5. Last I heard was

    - no LOA as it's not costing them anything to live there

    - the Iranians are charging food and accomodation plus laundry costs and extra messing for tea and toast.
  6. Will there be an end of capture photo and will it be a proper one or knocked together by one of the permanent staff with a digi cam and Photoshop?
  7. Won't cost them as much as Sodexho. I wonder if they have to book in?

    And the end of capture smoker isn't going to be up to much.
  8. Don't imagine pork chops and sausages will be on the menu...

    Guess they won't be having bacon butties during the Naffi breaks either...
  9. I wonder what the PT is like ?
  10. Prayer position - down, up, half way down, etc

    Ten times round my turban - go!

    See that mirage - run over there and touch it

    I'll get my coat
  11. End of capture critique?

    And what about clearance chit at end. I challenge the Iranians to make it harder than the one at DST!

    Saying that. She certainly doesnt look like she's signed anything out of the sports store.
  12. So, is kit insurance going to cough up on behalf of however signed for the two Ribs? I imagine they were a pretty penny. They'll probably end up mounted beside the CSB Iran already has...

    Although the 'confession' about them being in Iranian waters could invalidate any policy...
  13. Not enough PT and there should be an exercise, same as every end of course critique I've ever done :D
  14. not to mention the end of capture smoker with skits included
  15. 14 blokes and 1 bird. No prizes for guessing who had the ducking map!!