Iran pushes France nuclear deal

Iran pushes France nuclear deal
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Iran has suggested that France monitor its nuclear programme, by setting up a nuclear fuel consortium inside Iran.

The announcement was made by the deputy head of Iran's atomic energy agency. France said Iran's offers had to go through the EU's foreign policy chief.

But Javier Solana has concluded that Iran is unlikely to suspend nuclear enrichment, said a senior UK official.

Key world powers have agreed to seek a new UN Security Council resolution to impose sanctions, the official said.

The official stressed that this did not prevent further negotiation with Iran to try to persuade it of the benefit of complying with UN requirements to halt their nuclear programme
Gasp! Surely not a money making opportunity for the French?! 8O :wink:
"That way France... could control in a tangible way our enrichment activities," Mohammad Saeedi, deputy chief of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, told France-Info radio.

France said it was taken by surprise by the latest Iranian move.
Surprise? I imagine they've been courting the Iranians, such are their losses on Iraqi trade.

Rather than take this opportunity to say to Iran 'we wouldn't trust you further than we could spit' and continue to position them as the pariah state that they are, they fall into the Iran's trap for legitimacy. I can imagine the Whitehall mandarins being fairly apopletic.
I wonder why they chose the French to monitor their nuclear aspirations - the French aren't easy to corrupt, are they????

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