In this part of the forum, we use proper English. There are already threads open about the Iranian President, post in one of those.

If you can't use proper English , every time you post I'll cull it. Post nonsense enough times and you get culled. That includes your "proper" Arrse ID.
He was completely wrong, regardless of your inabilaty to type correctley and your strange language!

Ignore PTP,

Surely this is a free speak/txt forum?

Nothing to do with race or creed or colour?? :wink:


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This has 2/3rds of 7/8ths of sod all to do with racism.

Either use the Queen's English, or metorphorically speaking, DIE.

Txt belongs to Chavs, the illitterate, and those who cannot string a thought together.

(edited to take care of the Anger Mong)


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"Get a Leif". Sorry, I don't know any Vikings (inhabitants of Scandinavia c900-1100AD).

As for stringing a thought together, imagine "Can't = Won't = Jail".

There, that wasn't too hard was it?

Now try to get your head around:

Where(location)/Wear (clothing/use)/We're (more than one of us)
Their (it belongs to them)/There (that's where the enemy is hiding)
To (on our way)/Too (also)/Two (more than one)

We'll go into grammar, syntax, and punctuation when you feel up to it. OK?


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I take it that "Grammar 101" wasn't to Custurd's taste (even if it should have been custard)
Yeah. We'll Agree that his Chavvy Internet geeky persona he is pulling off is annoying...


President whatsusmaface can say whatever he wants if you ask me. As long as he looks in for a look out.

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