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Iran photoship missile pics

King_of_the_Burpas said:
HVM_Boy - Sky News fell for it as well!

Why doesn't somebody photoshop a massive Israeli / US response?
Well, not me, but it would seem someone caught Bush eating an Iranian baby in response.
The things they get up to eh? :roll:


I'm having a little difficulty understanding where you want this thread to go. Your first post has 4 missiles in flight that is claimed to be faked.

HVM_Boy said:
Iran has been accused of photoshopping its own propganda to suggest they have more missiles than they really have....

Then you show a picture claiming to be the original which has 3 missiles in flight and a fourth sitting on a launcher.

HVM_Boy said:
and the original...

Note the alleged photoshopping is strategically placed to mask the launcher seen in the "original".

Are you trying to tell us that the Iranians are trying to cover up a failed launch?
TRSL said:
whitecity said:
Are you trying to tell us that the Iranians are trying to cover up a failed launch?
That appears to be the case, just a borked launch that they didn't want to be shown..
Aha! So the story shouldn't be about how many missiles and launchers the Iranians may or may not have, but that 25% may malfunction on launch - or be slightly delayed in launch!

I'm still a little confused by HVM_boys reference to the BBC. I can only find some (moving) TV imagery that has nothing to do with that picture - faked or not!
I watched a vid on the BBC website today and it appeared to be an SA-3 SAM. At the start of the vid, the missile shown was definitely a 2 stage one with fins near the front too. THe SHAHABs appear to be be 'scud-like' with a single set of tailfins.

I wonder if the sabre rattling will lead to anything though!
Watching the night firing vid on BBC, shortly after take-off their rockets seem to spit out all sorts of glowing particulates - ie stuff that continues burning outside the engine. What's that about? Disintegrating boosters, crappy engines, IR Chaff for the early boost phase or what? Or are these just great big cardboard fireworks designed to go up and trail a good pyro flare to look nasty? We've never seen any vid of downrange now...

As for a stuffed up launch, I heard a tale once about one of the first demos of Lance on a UK range. Unfortunately in his excitement to show off the new toy, someone forgot to untie the restraining webbing, so the whole unmanned TEL jumped pretty high before making a big mess.

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