Iran Paid Insurgents To Kill Squadies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, May 25, 2008.

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  2. doesn't this just confirm what everyone knew already?
    push the button i say
  3. Well it certainly confirms that the US spin-machine is still up and running.
  4. How is a report written by British Army Major Job part of a US spin campaign ? Anyone who has been on the ground there or privy to the intelligence knows that Iran is hip deep in the JAM in Basra.Iranian IED's,mortar shells, rockets and money all used to sustain JAM and kill British troops.Deny it if you will but that doesnt change the facts.
  5. Well, it's not like gordon brown is going to do anything about it. He has denuded our military capabilities to the point where we couldn't do anything, even if we wanted to, except perhaps to throw a few tlams at selected iranian sites. Unfortunately, that would be the extent of it.


  6. Yes, but suddenly it's front page news along with a constant drumbeat of rhetoric in the US press and media against Iran.

    Bush wants a war with Iran and he's determined to get one.
  7. Now Im no fan of the Iranians and Im sure the scallywags are up to something in Iraq, but in my opinion that article reads like the bottom of a cow shed.
  8. I'm denying nothing. I simply don't trust the administrations that lied us into the Iraq war, and this has US warmongering expansion plans written all over it.
    Want a war with Iran? Go fight it yourself. Good luck, and good riddance.
  9. Beat the cnuts at there own game fund the Kurds and tell them to aim at Iran rather than Turkey two birds one stone?

    ps I no it would be bugger to set up but saves British lads keeps us friends with Turkey cant be bad
  10. The Kurds probably have more money than we do. They'll soon be bribing us to do their dirty work.
  11. They are rather involved in the heroin business which is probably quite lucrative.

    Still think it might work we paid Iraq before that didnt go to well but it might keep the Iranians occupied waste some off their money?
  12. Sorry Skivins, we already tried that once OP WARDEN/OP HAVEN in '91. CIA pulled out all the backing, and i watched the Canadians leave while i was sat in a bar in downtown Incerlick. He who pays the piper, calls the tune. IMHO i believe that the shaved chimp will target Iraq in the next 5 months, private companies will be the winners as per Iarq / 'Stan.

    Just my opinion, not going to get into a long protracted slanging match with anyone.
  13. I take it you mean IRAN? :roll:
  14. Cheers wearwolf, yes Iran.

    Shall take myself off and give me a damn good beasting.
  15. On that point though im not having a slaging Bush doesnt have control of the congress so cant get funding unless he does a Nicaragua esc. attack then apply for funding after, then the congress couldnt not fund 'the boys'.

    Just thinking out loud, entirely possible as he cant be reelected (how do you spell that?)