Iran opens exhibition mocking Holocaust




The cartoon shows the letter L in Israel formed by a boot stepping on the world

Iran displays Holocaust cartoons

More than 200 Holocaust cartoons from around the world are on display at a museum in the Iranian capital, Tehran.
Organisers of the exhibition say they are testing the West's commitment to freedom of speech.

A competition to choose the drawings was announced in February, in response caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad published by European newspapers.

"An Iranian newspaper's contest for Holocaust-related cartoons has drawn entries from 200 people, with some drawings mocking the World War II slaughter: One entry shows Jews going into a gas pipeline.

The cartoon, by Iranian Firouzeh Mozafari, shows a circle of nine Jewish men entering and leaving a gas chamber that shows a counter reading '5,999,999,' implying that Jews have inflated the number of Holocaust victims.
Jews have nothing to do with the Muhamad cartoons, why does Ahmadinejad have to target the Jews? He couldn't have made fun of Europeans or Christ, he had to go after the Jews.

I say Jews worldwide start rioting in front of Iranian embassies, etc. Not really....
Whats godd for the goose springs to mind. This just goes to show the hypocracy of the muslim mind set........... Now where are my crayons!

Interesting that caricurisations are acceptable in this instance. Smacks of double standards


More holocaust cartoons and caricatures from Iranian Hamshahri newspaper

The greatest caricatures are the Iranian themselves. See them like the mutants who worshipped the atomic bomb in the movie "Planet of the Apes"... from a dance celebrating Iran's uranium enrichment capabilities, aired on the Iranian news channel on April 11, 2006.

Dirka Dirka Jihad!

click image to play video

Iranian artists perform as they hold up samples of enriched uranium after Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s speeche in Mashad, April 11, 2006. (Stringer/Reuters)

It's just that no one seems to know where the line is any more.
Organiser Masoud Shojai said: "You see they allow the Prophet to be insulted. But when we talk about the Holocaust, they consider it so holy that they punish people for questioning it."

Just wrong, the cartoons did not insult Muslims, the cartoons did not insult Islam, the cartoons did not insult the Prophet Mohammed PBUH. What they did do was to mock Munaafiqeen who are happy to drag Islam in to the gutter to further their lust for murder and terror.

Saludos Amigos


Fair comments. It does seem like someone in Tehran wants to exploit a situation. Perhaps their investment in Lebanon didn't pay enough interest.
I find this a very childish act. Then again, look at the spoilt brats we're dealing with in the Iranian Government.

The sooner we find a feasible alternative to oil the better.
All true, but whats the betting that as opposed to leaving the Isrealies, (sp and I hate to use the word 'Jews' for some reason known only to my sub-concious!), to sort it out themselves, as they did with the last lot of cartoon rubbish, we in the West feel compelled to side with them.

Its going a bit 'cold war' to me, any excuse for one 'block' villifying (sp) the other.............

Its kind of sad really. "Testing the western commitment to freedom of speach" there was lots of that earlier in the year, when apparently "The west would pay for insulting Islam"
To be honest, I dont really care what they say as this is the sort of reaction they, the Iranians, want to provoke!


F*ck them and their provocation. At least the Jews have contributed to this world unlike those backward f*cks in Tehran, whose contributions only result in the deaths of others.
Surely this makes about as much sense as anti-abortionists killing doctors, or (un)Islamic terrorists blowing up public transport to show you that killing innocent people is wrong.

As Michael Jackson would say 'that's just ignant.'
Iran's actions here? Why am I not surprised, that they would do that!
Biccies A/B..... the persians have very much so contributed to this world unlike other backward countries!

They chrted the skies and performed surgery way before AD times.... It is purely the evil people that run their country now that discredit them and that's something which must be taken seriously!


I find this a very childish act. Then again, look at the spoilt brats we're dealing with in the Iranian Government.
The Israeli response

Israeli group announces anti-Semitic cartoons contest!

A Danish paper publishes a cartoon that mocks Muslims.
An Iranian paper responds with a Holocaust cartoons contest -
- Now a group of Israelis announce their own anti-Semitic cartoons contest!

Amitai Sandy (29), graphic artist and publisher of Dimona Comix Publishing, from Tel-Aviv, Israel, has followed the unfolding of the “Muhammad cartoon-gate” events in amazement, until finally he came up with the right answer to all this insanity - and so he announced today the launch of a new anti-Semitic cartoons contest - this time drawn by Jews themselves!

“We’ll show the world we can do the best, sharpest, most offensive Jew hating cartoons ever published!” said Sandy “No Iranian will beat us on our home turf!”

The contest has been announced today on the website, and the initiator accept submissions of cartoons, caricatures and short comic strips from people all over the world. The deadline is Sunday March 5, and the best works will be displayed in an Exhibition in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Sandy is now in the process of arranging sponsorships of large organizations, and promises lucrative prizes for the winners, including of course the famous Matzo-bread baked with the blood of Christian children.

I think this is something they're doing tongue firmly in cheek.

Logo created from three Nazi caricatures (Drawing: Amitai Sandy)

First cartoon entries:

February 17th, 2006

From Doron Nissimi of Jerusalem, Israel.

February 16th, 2006

From Daniel Higgins, a Jewish guy from London, UK.

From Sharon Rosenzweig USA

Jewish history professor Deborah Lipstadt, center, exults outside of the High Court in London on April 11, 2000, after winning a libel case brought against her and Penguin publications by British revisionist historian David Irving. Photo by Martyn Hayhow/AFP

Jewish-Israeli Antisemitic Cartoon Competition

Friday 17 February 2006

Professor Deborah E. Lipstadt, an American specialist of Holocaust denial, has volunteered to judge the cartoons, stating "there are few people who can judge antisemitism better than I" and arguing that "the whole notion (of the contest) is so absurd that it provides the proper commentary about the other (Iranian Holocaust-denying) contest".

Photos » Israeli Anti-Semitic Cartoon Contest
View as a slide show
Biscuits_AB said:
F*ck them and their provocation. At least the Jews have contributed to this world unlike those backward f*cks in Tehran, whose contributions only result in the deaths of others.
Do you honestly believe ALL muslims and/or Iranians are backward?

"Bring on the civil war.
For with it, will come the ethnic cleansing we witnessed in the former Yugoslavia"

It will come to England.
It will come within our life time.
We will be fighting for our country, in our city streets and on our village greens.
Because if we don't, our children will have to do it for us.

But I can't say that, because to do so would be against the law.
To speak freely in our own country, against those who would take it from us, will land us in jail.
Incitement of violence, I believe it is now called.
I still call it freedom of speach!

So to all you racist, bigoted, immigrant scum who are intent on raping my country for every thing it has, I tell you this.............

I do believe in equal rights,
and we will exercise our rights.

We will stand in our our country,
We will burn your flag,
We too will preach the law, of the Jihad. OUR Jihad.
We will bring it right back to you,
but we will leave religion out of it and serve you,
only death.........
curryhead said:
Biscuits_AB said:
F*ck them and their provocation. At least the Jews have contributed to this world unlike those backward f*cks in Tehran, whose contributions only result in the deaths of others.
Do you honestly believe ALL muslims and/or Iranians are backward?

Biscuits_AB does not say ALL. While there are are obviously individual differences in any large group of people there are traits which are more prevalent in groups of a particular religion, ethnicity, social class, political affiliation etc. When these traits are positive they are commonly used / accepted (Japanese are polite, Chinese kids are good at maths etc) and are often true in general if not for every individual. No-one gets worked up about such positive racist coments. Negative or neutral traits can be just as valid for a generic group but even where true the PC facists often prevent them being stated.

While I do not know that either of these examples are based on fact there have been completely different reactions to views that blacks have bigger d1cks than whites and views that they have smaller brains. Both are surely equally racist.

In the case of Iranians and Muslims there will obviously be significant diversity in such a large group (there are probably even 1 or 2 nice French people). However there will also be traits which are more common in those groups than others due to shared beliefs and traditions. So allowing for individual differences to me it seems fairly aparaent that Biscuits_AB is correct and Iranians as a generic group are backward cnuts.

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