Iran nuclear work irreversible

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DrStealth, Apr 23, 2006.

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    well then, it looks like its all coming to an impasse on the issue,
    bet the gimp chimp in the white house will be issuing a statement in his usual vein in the next few days on how its 'imperative to western security' that we need to bomb the s*it out of them.
  2. Yep. Normally, you'd expect he'd wait maybe a short while following the deadline, and let diplomacy run its full course - but have you seen his popularity rating? What happened to the 'tough' president? Something must be done; bombs must be dropped; people must be killed - before all is lost, and he loses face and suffers the embarrassment of becoming a lame duck president
  3. His popularity rating has bugger to do with the intentions of these people as and when they get the bomb. But you'd rather see the Middle East and the rest of the world take its chances no doubt. You'd probably be happy with the fact that they will more than probably use the weapon to threaten Israel or indeed to 'remove it from the map'.

    People must be killed? Let's make sure it's their people and not ours. I hope he does them before they do us.
  4. True to form, you're straight in there being contrary just for the sake of it. I never said his popularity rating had anything to do with Iranian intentions. So before your brain's got into gear, you've leapt in on a false premise with that one.

    His popularity rating has everything to do with how he's perceived by US voters and we are all aware by now that if he appears tough and the news management is carried out in an effective way as events unfold, the justification for bombing will be gradually developed. The average hick US voter likes their man to be 'strong' so as the first poster said, he'll make apple pie speeches, wrap himself in the stars and stripes, pleading to their national pride and, before you know it, the good ol' popularity rating will be on an exponential rise. The whole scenario is being ratcheted up at the moment and people like you are just grist to the mill
  5. True to form, you keep moving the goalposts and true to form, yet more anti American drivel from your keyboard. You just can't help yourself can you? You just don't like Americans. Why exactly is that?

    PS People like you have their heads stuck up their arrses.
  6. I've just got time to come back with a short reply. Where is the weapon you speak of? Right, I'll shove my head back up my arrse and hasten to the pub quiz down the road. Catch you later.
  7. Yep, you sound like a 'pub quiz' sort of guy.
  8. Hi. Just got back and we won the first prize of £20 even though one of the team members was hampered by the 'head up the arrse' affliction described above.
  9. £20? That's a lot of lentils (which should help with the removal of your head from your arrse).