Iran nuclear weapons years away


Iran is still several years away from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability, according to a study published by an influential London-based think tank.
The International Institute for Strategic Studies has assessed Iran's nuclear, chemical, biological and long-range missile activities.

It says a diplomatic showdown with the European Union and the United States could be inevitable.

Iran's political restraint thus far may not last, the report's authors say.

One of them, Dr Gary Samore, told the BBC that it might take five years for Iran to overcome all the technical difficulties to produce a nuclear weapon.

But given Tehran's cautious behaviour so far, a decision on whether to build such a capability may be much further away

The International Institute for Strategic Studies? Now I'm sure I've heard of this organisation before, with reference to the existence of WMD's , but I just can't seem to remember exactly where :D
Iran might be years from developing a bona fide nuclear capability, but my fear is that they are already capable of building a suitcase nuke.

My other fear is that the Israelis will do an Osirak and prompt WW3, but hey, sh*t happens.


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