Iran NOT responsible for UK soldiers dying - Govt admits

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by razorman, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. Oh christ.

    Is there a second source for this? I'd be more inclined to believe it, if there was a MoD press release or similar.

    There was a thread deleted sometime ago about IR stuff, and just how easy it was to put together, so maybe you don't have to be an Iranian bombmaker to do it.

    But didn't Bluppet say he'd got this info from us?
  2. There was a snippet in the Times a few days ago but I cant seem to find the link.
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Tip - Don't believe all you read in the 'papers - especially not if it's a satanic combination of the Indy and the FCO.
  4. Who do you believe? The soldiers and intelligence sources on the ground or the New Labour spin machine. They are looking probably for an excuse not to confront the Iranians on this issue so as not to damage the Islamic vote at home prior to the May elections.... just a theory... New Labour wouldn't stoop so low as to change policy to gain votes...

    Charles Clarke
    Labour’s Home Secretary
    It is with considerable regret that I am writing to inform you that because of
    opposition from the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives, the Government’s
    proposed offence of incitement to religious hatred had to be removed from the
    Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill in the House of Lords on the 5 April. This
    means that the current offence of incitement to racial hatred cannot therefore be
    amended to cover incitement to religious hatred at this time.
    We understand that this legislation was of vital importance to the Muslim
    community. But the reason we cannot pass this legislation is because both the
    Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives have blocked the legislation in Parliament.
    The Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives made it clear that they were not
    willing to see this measure become law. They bear full responsibility for blocking
    this part of the Bill. I am sure that you and other members of the Muslim
    community will take very careful note of that, particularly the opposition of the
    Liberal Democrats on this issue.
    However, I can assure you that the Labour Party remains firmly of the view that
    there should be equality for those of all faiths, including the Muslim community.
    We cannot see why it is right to have protection in law for Jews and Sikhs, but
    wrong to extend it to other communities like the Muslim community.
    It remains our firm and clear intention to give people of all faiths the same
    protection against incitement to hatred on the basis of their religion.
    I will be writing to you again shortly to outline our future plans on this issue.
    Charles Clarke
    Labour’s Home Secretary
    0228_05 Promoted by Matt Carter, General Secretary, The Labour Party, on behalf of the Labour Party both at 16 Old Queen Street, London SW1H 9HP.
    Printed by HH Associates Ltd,City House, Sutton Park Road, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 2AE
    From the Office of Charles Clarke
    16 Old Queen Street, London SW1H 9HP
  5. On the other hand ... I could put one of these triggering devices together in my garage following a few visits to B&Q and maybe some stuff from Maplins. If you're smart and have a background in electronics it is not difficult at all. I haven't done it by the way, nor am I about to, but don't kid yourself that the Iraqis couldn't have done it themselves.

    That said, if a neatly boxed package of blueprints, finished articles and instructions arrived from Iran why bother ?

    To find out what really happened would require detailed access to information that frankly we're never going to see for perfectly valid OPSEC reasons. So the real question is do we trust the current government not to lie to us for political advantage ? (Cue hollow laugh)
  6. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Henchmen in the Home Office eh herrenvolk ?.....gee

    Meanwhile,from BBC monitoring website at
    the local take on minor affrays which don't even register over here: :
    ...and so it continues ( some of this reminds me of Comical Ali....supsect we might have heard if the US Army had lost 19 tanks in action....)

    Le Chevre
  7. This government won't even prosecute Iraqi murderers of British soldiers that are in our custody. Do you think they want the added complication of the Iran situation? A few months ago we were being told of irrefutable evidence of Iranian involvement including intact devices. Sounds to me like another betrayal of the troops by the shameless bunch of shysters that passes for our government. They should be held to account for their moral bankruptcy.
  8. ...and so it continues ( some of this reminds me of Comical Ali....supsect we might have heard if the US Army had lost 19 tanks in action....)

    Le Chevre[/quote]

    Methinks they were fuel tanks, not Abrams
  9. The way the media reports Iraq, they are more likely to be fish tanks....
  10. Bollocks! The Iranians have been fishing in Basra for 18 months at least. I can't see how they could NOT be involved in recent attacks, even if all they supplied was technical know how. Ask the units that had the joy of patrolling in the area of the border withn Iran how many times they've been shot at by the Iranains!
  12. From the BBC Monitoring web site:

    "A convoy of oil tankers also came under attack north of the city, but the Oil Ministry said only one vehicle was hit. It denied reports that up to 19 tankers had been destroyed."

    That's a bit more plausible.
  13. There will be reasons for making the claim in the first place and for retracting it that have nothing to do with any factual basis.

    Perhaps it depends on what side of the bed Dubya fell out of on a particular day.
  14. In 1998/9 the Serbs got blamed for everything by the media after being egged on by 'private briefings' from 'official spokesmen' (including the killing of Jill Dando - remember that one?). Of course, the vast majorityl turned out as utter drivvel, but the damage had been done; the message was out - Serbs were behind all the evil-doing in the world and thus deserved to be given a good pasting!

    Then the Iraqis came in for the name and shame game - whether it was true or not: supplying WMD to al-Qaida, WMD on 45min alert, blah, blah and rotten blah again...

    Do you honestly think it a surprise that Iran is now coming in for the same treatment? For me, the only surprise is that it's not Syria now and Iran in 12-18 months time! Ooops - forgot, Syria copt it 18 months ago, and none of us believed the drivvel!!!!!!