Iran lowers its prison poulation

Can't really fault them for binning all the crap in their society. At least they don't nurture and encourage the filth like we seem to. I wonder how many smack dens there are in downtown Tehran?


Or perhaps they're saying to the soon-to-be-former-cons "Just slip out of those prison-issue rags, and pop these natty new desert DPM suits on for us, would you? Suits you sir, have an AK."
bloodforblood said:
If they actually where drug traffickers, rapists and murderers, my bucket of sympathy is empty. We should do the same if that is the case.
If the authorities in UK stoned adults to death for adultery then I suspect half the population of marriageable age would die.....
A pity Britain won't be following their example and wiping the country of drug dealers,drug trafficers,those who murder,plot and/or carry out acts of terrorism,corrupt politicians and chavs.Oh and I nearly forgot illegal immigrants.
Those executed on Sunday had records of repeated crimes including rape, murder with torture and armed robbery, the report said. It also listed charges including drug trafficking, drinking alcohol and possessing ammunition.

How many of us would be on a long drop with a short rope?
Can I just say I'm outraged?
The Iranians are clearly taking steps to elevate their prison population, not lower it.

"Capital offences in the Islamic republic include murder, rape, armed robbery, drug trafficking and adultery."

As previously posted the last bit is a tad harsh, but the rest of it gets my vote.

Suspended sentence in a whole new way.
While I have no sympathy with drug dealers, I do feel that as has been suggested on the TV News that much of these Executions are just State policy to intimidate the general population.
Old Albert Pirrerpoint would turn in his grave at the so called 'Hangings'.

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