Iran-Iraq: Fiendishly cunning plan?

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Now consider this. Many people have been arguing that Iran will benefit from the invasion of Iraq by gaining control over the shia south. But the existance of a semi-autonomous, shai-dominated ARAB state as their neighbour may encourage the arab majority in Iran's oil-rich southwest to consider leaving Iran and joining with their ethnic brethren next door. All of a sudden it looks to me that, rather than benefiting from the invasion, Iran might actually be in really rather serious trouble. Wonder if it'll kick off in Iranian Kurdistan soon, too?
I would if I could but the site is well maxed out ..... DoS by the boys in Cheltenham perchance?
Cars bombs are a weapon of choice in this part of the world. The point finger at Ya Brit is just for local consumption, inside and gulf side.
I doubt that the Iran state would allow any form of UDI, not nice people as history has shown.
So much is the fault of he old Brit empire, we made Iraq armed Iran and now Blur is picking up the Child of our creation.
I see where you're coming from - but if they're the majority and already run Iran then why not just absorb as much of Iraq as they feel comfy with rather than split up Iran ?

As for the Kurds, by the time the Iranians, the Turks and possibly the Iraqi Shia/Sunnis have finished with them there won't be much left. Their nascent state will last until the US withdraws at which point it's back to normal and open season on the Kurds.


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I believe that to be called an ARAB is a great insult to Iranians, who are Persians.

I however, don't really like cats
If my memory serves me correctly. The individuals who took over the Iranian Embassy were from Arabistan. Their complaint was against the Irainian Government of the time. Would these be the same people who would week to join up with the Shia in Southern Iraq?


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The BFBS Radio programme 'Sitrep' has an interesting piece about both the Iraqi constitutional referendum and a dit from a Tehran based correspondent (Mike Theodorolou ?) about the Iranian stance towards Iraq at present....
check it out at ......adjust volume slider to hear....

...and then go to the thread called Media Watch and tick one of the poll options!

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