Iran in Turmoil

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Nov 18, 2005.

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  1. Seems like he's learning from our own celestial navigator :twisted:
  2. WhooooooooooHoooooooo , another victory for the current US foreign policy of intimidation, bullying and not having a frigging clue.

    There are many many American specialists who would have known exactly how to deal with Iran prior to the last election. Half the country were for reform FFS. Only none of them appear to be in the current administration , or have resigned.

    Now we have an Islamic nationalist prepared to up the ante.

    Bonus :(
  3. I suppose that you mean they could help to restore city of Bam ruined after powerful earthquake.
  4. Yeah, either that or they could pull them back into line by frightening the living daylights out of them by lifting their kilts a la "Carry on up the khyber" :twisted:
  5. Double post due to server having a strop... :D
  6. With a bit of luck there might be a civil war. Well, you've got to look on the bright side haven't you?
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Just as long as it doesn't involve a land grab (Al Faaw peninsular, again?) to divert attention from internal stresses and strife.

  8. Anyway Iranians would be liberated. However there is a danger: many would be so happy that enormous adrenalin pruduction could cause deaths.
  9. The regimes that are supporting Iran are Russia and China, but he may be even to extreme for them.

    After the Iranians saw that the coalition was bogged down in Iraq , they became more extreme not less.

    Amir Taheri. was born in Iran and educated in Tehran, London and Paris. Between 1980 and 1984 he was Middle East editor for the London Sunday Times
    Here are a couple of his articles about Iran
    This article is about the reformers

    Ahamdinejad : The First 100 Days
  10. Neo-Con

    Do you remember the result of the FIRST Iranian vote?
  11. I don't remember the result of the First vote. This last election, I am not even sure if it was honest
  12. Very good of you to be so honest NC , genuinely no sarcasm intended.

    As I remember , the reason for a second vote, was the too close to call result of the first one. The reformers, and the young let there feelings for reform be known through the democratic process. Unfortunately, the Conservatives won the second.

    It would be useful , to examine the language coming out of State in the run-up, and during the election.

    I am tempted to compare it to the misguided attempts by certain UK media outlets to influence the voting in Clark County ;)
  13. Isn't it a tad disingenuous to place the blame on Bush & Co.? Granted, sabres are being rattled at Teheran, but isn't it a well-worn tactic of those on the path to assuming dictatorial powers - as would appear to be the case with Ahmandinejad - to cite outside threats to justify nuclear ambitions and the assumption of said dictatorial powers? If this fellow has the mullahs worried, then there is cause for concern.
  14. I will look it up eventually but I am going from memory now. There were several people in the first round of votes ,none exceeded the 50% necessary to get elected. Most real reformers were excluded by Head Mullah who can exclude who ever he wants. The final election was between a corrupt former president and a seemingly honest religious hardliner. There is still a question as to whether the election was honest.

    It is almost a irrelevant argument.
    The technology of nuclear weapons and missiles is becoming easily attainable for a large number of states that have unstable rulers. The international community is unwilling to act aggressively with either sanctions or militarily.

    I would prefer sanctions, but the European Union will not impose them, also China and Russia who are the Iranians biggest supporter, will not stop the transfer of nuclear technology to Iran.

    These countries are going to get these weapons. Sooner or later a war is going to break out. I would prefer sooner when they don't have nuclear weapons, less people will get killed. The capability and the will to wage a war is not there, so we will just have to wait.