Iran Imposes sanctions

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Feb 4, 2006.

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  1. At a guess
    until the Lurpak and Danepak Bacon run out.

    By the by, surprised Al-Jazeera hasn't shown the 'cartoons' perhaps they are learning restraint, or what passes for it in that region.
  2. Well, they could last quite a while T6, since there are 183 other UN members against whom Iran has not imposed sanctions. France and Germany may provide some important stuff to flog them, but the others on the sh1t-list? Norway? New Zealand?

    Am risking a Wah here Darthspud, but somehow I don't think the market for bacon in Iran is really that big.;) Furthermore, why would Al Jazeera exercise its right to free speech in a way that would alienate 99.9% of its viewers? They exist to make money, which they won't do if nobody watches.

    Just you chaps watch the British DTI try and swoop in on the new market that has opened up to substitute French and German goods and services. It'll be a case study in joined-up government that they'll be teaching in policy schools for years to come.
  3. Post modern ironicism , totally lost
  4. It'll make a change for the British to make money on the back of French diplomatic 'misfortune' - les Frogs are normally the vultures hovering over sanction-hit countries!
  5. Oooo you little cinic :lol:
  6. I hope they put sanctions against this country or are we too spineless
  7. Far too spineless! Boringly, these days we play well with other children... :roll: