Iran Huffing and Puffing over Olympic Racism

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geo7863, Mar 1, 2011.

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  1. BBC Sport - Iran NOC oppose 'racist' London 2012 Olympic logo

    So Iran maybe threatening to boycott the Olympics over the Logo..oh dear of all the reasons to get upset which moron thought of that one?

    Are the Iranians any good at any particular sports where it would make a vast difference them being there or not?
  2. It doesn't say Zion as they suggest and they are just shit-stirring.

    However, if it is held up to a mirror and tilted 32.65 degrees 'kill all no-whites' can clearly be made out. Allegedly.
  3. It looks more like 'ZOIN' to me.

    Why didnt they boycott the racist Football World Cup? After all the bastard everyone hates is dressed in black!
  4. Those bloody Jews are always causing trouble aren't they?
  5. Doh, the logo may be a pile of shit, but it says "2012". Not Zion . What do the Iranians want us to do, change it to 1433?
  6. Yep, they started all the wars didnt they sugar tits? :)
  7. And they control the IMF, the Masonic lodge and the media.

    Luckily they can't be officers in the British army.
  8. I thought it was Lisa Simpson?
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    At least the Rastas will be happy.
  10. George Galloway will be along in a minute protesting about it too
  11. I've got a spare turqoise tracksuit if you want one mate but you'll have to bring your own tinfoil :)
  12. So they have got to you too, eh?
  13. Theres no stopping the New World Order of Jewish Lizard People!!
  14. Of course they can - drop the last 6 letters from Smytheovitch or Maxwellovitch and Bob's your Uncle. Quite a good thing, actually - any discipline problems, and you'll suddenly find your credit ratings gone to the dogs, your picture gets mistakenly put in an article about kiddy-fiddlers and your Dad gets kicked out of the Buffs.
  15. Irie me been in Babylon to long mon etc, etc