Iran. How will it all end?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Mar 13, 2006.

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    It is a very interesting article by John Simpson

  2. Or a large mushroom cloud!
  3. Unlikely.

  4. Frankly I agree with John Simpson. There is no way we can really do anything effective againt Iran. In fact the nuclear crisis is very helpful to the president since the populus are now focussed on the evil west and not on the plight of the dispossessed etc. It is true the economy is booming, but I believe I heard Jack Straw talking of a 'brain drain' in Iran since the elections. Is this true or Gov rhetoric?
  5. Lets give them a New Government...The current british one...that would really Fcuck them up!
  6. The IDF will attack Iran with covert US backing of course. They have already admitted the have been practising air strikes and commando raids. Israel will never accept a nuclear Iran but the question is would Israel ever use its nuclear weapons against Iran that would be my biggest worry. I don't think the US is any European countries are crazy enough to attack Iran the amount of casualties would be enourmas I mean look at the Iran-Iraq war when the Iranian used women and children to clear mine fields and the Iranian leadership would quite readily use chemical weapons. Iran will be much tougher than Iraq as Iran's armed forces have not had year of sanctions placed on tham and there equipment is much more advanced than anything the Iraqi's fielded Iran has a booming weapons industry.
  7. I predict lots of, conventional, explosions happening some time in the future. The US - or more likely the Israeli's with major logistical backing on the quiet since the American's would probably want to try and keep their hands 'clean' on this thanks to Iraq - dropping a lot of laser guided bombs and cruise missiles on anything even tangentially related to their nuclear industry, both civillian and military. The only real way I can see to stop this non-violently is to strangle their supply of nuclear technology and raw fuel and I'm not sure how doable that really is. :?
  8. The problem is they already have the technology to get there and enough fuel to at least make one bomb but under the agreement of NPT we can't do that unless we prove they making weapons which we know they are we just can't prove it.
  9. Bruce Willis, The Rock, Vin Diesel and Brad Pitt will fly their special forces Black Hawk into the flak-studded night sky over Tehran and abseil into the TOP SECRET nuclear facility. Somebody will shout "LOCK AND LOAD" to a pounding rock track, no doubt from the olive green ipod duct-taped to the side of Vin's kevlar helmet.

    They land, and whilst Bruce sets the charges under heavy fire, The Rock will take out the guards armed with a piece of 4x2 and Vin will silence the Revolutionary Jihad Kommando with a longbow. Brad will raise an eyebrow now and then to signify the utter wastefulness and futility of war before sustaining a minor flesh wound. His tight black T-shirt, sun-glasses and tiger-stripe hipsters mark him out as a rebel without a cause SF loose cannon.

    Meanwhile, back in The Pentagon, Jessica Alba will talk them through the trap-studded ventilation tunnels that will allow them to escape via a super-duper comms link. She will be wearing a DPM bikini, as the air-con is busted.

    Bruce will have to stay behind because the fuze is busted, The Rock will pilot the helicopter despite numerous splinters in his left thumb from his chosen weapon and Vin will hang from a rope ladder slotting baddies by firing arrows using his teeth. Brad will look meaningfully out of the window of the helo, blood trickling not unnattractively down his cheek whilst a "Doors" track plays in the background.

    Tony Scott will be screaming EXUDE, BRAD, EXUDE! through a megaphone.

    I'm not joking, by the way.
  10. We may not like Irans leader but they have as much right to nuclear weapons as America (now there is a country with one hell of a dangerous leader who has attacked another country with no right to do so) , England , France Germany Israel etc etc . The West , USA , should get their noses out of other countries and stop trying to rule the world.
  11. England has nuclear arms? What happened to the U.K..? I for one believe that the war on iraq was just, to a certain extent. I'm split on the issue. But sticking to topic, the current problem with Iran, as said above before will probably end Iran getting nuclear arms, but just kept a very close eye on. The West trying to rule the world? No, i think not. I believe that what the west does in the world is better for the world. Just my opinion though, your entitled to yours.. just like anyone in the west.
  12. Old Timer wrote
    No they don't. It's a bit like saying Gary Glitter has as much right to babysit as the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Or, okay, they have the right but big American bullies, or the not so big but well 'ard local lads are going to deprive them of that right. I'm not over the moon about it (see my previous posts in 'Operation Persian Freedom') but Iran cannot be allowed to have nukes. Cletus cannot borrow daddy's shotgun.

    Dubya may be a dipshlt, but he isn't mad. Even if he was, he isn't a one man show.

    Minime33 wrote
    Notwithstanding that they are always practising air strikes and commando raids I don't see a place at IDF strategy or tactical briefings for members of the press.

    Iran has had years of WWl style trench warfare in the last 20 years. They can't compete with the technology, planning, resourcefulness, motivation, drills, discipline and experience of the IDF. I'm not expecting a panzer extravaganza though. If the IDF go it alone it'll be something no-one else thought of.
  13. Alternatively we could flood Iran with even more cheap Afghan opiates. The production and distribution of which we will soon control. Uh oh.....

  14. Iran will always end with an "N".

    Was this a trick question? :)
  15. It was in the Israeli press saying that Israel would not accept a nuclear and some of the options Israel may take it was from a retired general.