Iran Hostages - lessons learned

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PassingBells, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. Amongst all the Christmas festivities, the House of Commons Defence Committee published a report on the lessons learned as a result of the Iran Hostages affair.

    Although they do not make specific comments, they do note the following:
    - There were weaknesses in intelligence, in communications, in doctrine and in training. There was a lapse in operational focus in the front line, and a widespread failure of situational awareness.
    - We are concerned to ensure that the MoD’s current budgetary uncertainty does not impede the implementation of the action plan [post Fulton Report].
    - It is clear that the decision to allow the Service personnel to sell their stories was a serious mistake and deeply damaging to the reputation of the
    Royal Navy. The Secretary of State for Defence has accepted responsibility and apologised. This should not absolve others from blame.
    - Whilst it was decided that there were insufficient grounds for courts martial, formal administration action has been taken against a number of Service personnel across a wide spectrum of ranks.
  2. I am really sorry to say this - but ritual sackings for all the officers involved should follow. Beginning with the RM guy in charge. Plus a Court Martial for dereliction of duty.
  3. Blimey what a kerfuffle!!!
    So an Ipod went missing? It happens. Its time this government got over it, moved on and got on with the rest of its life.
  4. Despite the fact it was a RN Lt. in charge?

    And was it the two officers' fault the helicopter was busy ferrying journalists?
  5. Evidently there have been administrative actions taken against some of these sailors/marines which will end their careers. Unfortunately nothing in the report mentioned ROE as a cause for the snatch in the first place.
  6. An act of war against us, our sovreign nation and we do fork all. What message is given to the rest of the world.
    A few months after we are kicked out of Basra, by Iranian sponsored insurgents.
    Every action we carry out against the taleban, they move out for a bit then return.
    How does the rest of the world see us?
    Not very good is it?
  7. I blame it on the socialists running the country and not the squaddies who did the best they could with what they were given.
  8. The Royal Navy has not surrendered a vessel without a shot being fired at any time in it's history of over 500 years before. That is the magnitude of the failure.
  9. Do you think the RN boarding party in the rubber boat should have opened fire on the Iranians?
  10. No but it did surrender Gibraltar without a shot being fired in the 1700s but then again, Admiral Bing was shot for that one.
  11. From the Committee report,
    There have been a number of contradictory official statements on exactly where the 'capture' took place. Is the line above a belated, and cryptic, admission that the Cornish 15 had strayed into non-Iraqi waters - if not fully-recognised Iranian waters, at least disputed waters?

    You may have noticed that the 'background' information has not followed previous HMG statements and emphasized the oft-stated location of the event.

    And rather co-incidentally, it is the current Governor of Gibralter who was asked to lead the enquiry into the embarrasing event...
  12. Byng was courtmartialed and executed for his 'failure to do his utmost' at the Battle of Minorca.

    Not the first British sailor to become involved in battles at Minorca, nor the last, I'd guess....
  13. I think that they should have done what the Australians did a bit later. Told them to feck off.
    And made it clear they would not surrender without a fight. Yes I do think that.
  14. Do you have any idea what you are wibbling about?
  15. there were you fella?

    the cock-up IMHO was to remove their top-cover to go and collect some journos. That was unforgivable!
    to have opened fire, or refused to cooperate would have been suicide. The Iranians came out with a very clear intent. There was no misunderstanding as to the location of the boarding party and to have resisted in any way would have resulted in the entire boarding party being wiped out. Not a very clever move IMHO!

    The decision to hold a press conference and allow 2 individuals to sell their stories was a massive mistake, but nothing to do with the individuals captured.