Iran hostage forecasts new career as weather presenter

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bad_Omen, Apr 19, 2007.

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  1. This is just too funny for words.

    Iran hostage forecasts new career as weather presenter
    Last updated at 11:45am on 19th April 2007

    A Royal Navy officer who was among the 15 sailors held hostage in Iran hopes to quit to become a weather man.

    Lieutenant Felix Carman, of Port Eynon, on the Gower in South Wales, discovered he was a natural in front of the camera when he was paraded on TV after being captured last month off the Iraqi coast.

    More follows...


    Felix Carmen on Iranian television indicating where his boat had 'strayed' into Iranian waters.

    He and his 14 fellow hostages were forced to appear on Iranian TV channel Al Alam in front of a map of the country's coastline, pointing out exactly where they 'strayed' into Iranian waters as part of a propaganda war prior to their release.

    After their arrival home the group confirmed they had been coerced into confessing.

    The 26-year-old was later invited to spend a day at Sky’s HQ, where he was coached by weather presenter Lisa Burke.

    A source said: “He impressed a lot of executives with his calm and quiet authority. He was an immediate hit.”

    Here's the link

    If this isn't a joke, certain units soon will be.
  2. You have got to be kidding me

    It just gets better
  3. He's got a lot of 'front'. I think the 'fog' of war has 'clouded' his judgement. Nevertheless, I think we should 'hail' his decision. If it wasn't for the Iranians, he could have 'mist' this opportunity.
  4. Carman came over as highly articulate - moreso than any of the others. The RM Captain was pi55-poor.

    The Meeja will be able to judge if Carman's face fits for TV.

    I wish him good luck - if it's really what he wants.

    His naval career may not be going anywhere, after all.

    But if he wants to be a credible, Met Office-accredited weather forecaster, he'll spend six years Univ. and MO training before he ever stands in front of a camera.

    By which time he'll look too old.

    So what does he do . . . . ?
  5. Worth a read of the link to view the comments - I hope this won't result in the Daily Mail web-site being labelled as "racist and homophoebic" by a Labour MP.

    Funny old world.
  6. is this a belated april fools?

    no seriously, is it?
  7. Which nicely compliments his courageous behaviour in the face of the act of piracy committed upon him and his command by elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and casts a warm glow on his later conduct in captivity - all of this worthy of the finest traditions of the Royal Navy...truly, a credit to the Senior Service.
  8. I believe that the weather presenters for the BBC are all Met Office people but for the commercial stations they're not.
  9. I have searched to check that this joke hasn't been done before....

    [align=center]Durex would like to announce the release of their new Condom, "The Iranian!"

    It holds Seamen for 15 days.

    (Only available in Navy).[/align]

    I'll get my coat....

  10. It's a made up story isn't it!
    He did a TV interview when he got back. In preparation for it they put him in front of a blue screen of the type they use for the weather forecast so that he could be shown how to work with it. He says "well I could always get a job as a weatherman" as a joke.

    Then Das Mail gets to hear of it and make up this non-story.
  11. The thread is cyclonic, it keeps coming around