Iran helps out the peace process

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semmy, Oct 26, 2005.

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    Hmmm, hope this isn't a sign of their new caring, sharing attitude.

    edited for spelling, I should have paid more attention at school
  2. Oh dear. We really are going to have a war with this lot eventually, aren't we?

  3. I'll start packing, will i need my sun cream or will they provide it?
  4. Oh do we have to?
  5. Meanwhile


    I'm an atheist but at this time I pray almighty God to save their lives.

    Is there any connection between a statement by Iranian president and these terror acts?
  6. Have the Iranians not been saying exaxtly this for the last 26 years. IIRC they have have something similar to Orwell's "half-hour hate" every Friday.
  7. Why can't these Islamic countries just learn to behave like civilised human beings? Iran should get what is coming to it, a bit of Western re-education in decent behaviour!. Though I'm not sure we could afford to engage in another war, my TA battalion is starting to run out of people to deploy to hot sandy places.
  8. Why don't we just use our Trident before they go out of date? By the time the middle east is re-populated we will be using starships to visit the distant galaxies, I have little doubt that the Iranian government would use them on us.
  9. Curious... this has only just arrived on the BBC and it's the reaction, not the original speech that's newsworthy there. It's a pleasant change to see our government adopting some kind of stance on this matter rather than muttering about respecting Iranian diversity and smiling as if the Iranian president was a reasonable person.
  10. You'd almost think that he was trying to encourage the Israelis to bomb the nuclear facilities before they go on line, wouldn't you?
  11. There's an article in todays Torygraph about the comedian Omid Djelali (sp?) who happens to be of Iranian extraction. He claims that one of the mjaor Iranian traits is doing or saying things because they feel like it and without giving any thought to the consequences...
  12. I believe he's the one who gets grabbed by the nuts by Ollie Read in Gladiator for selling him queer giraffes.
  13. I guess that the Iranians have been bolstered by declarations of support from countries like Russia, Lebanon, Syria and China.

    I think that they know that the nuclear issue is heading for some sort of show down so they are playing to the Islamic wider crowd. As the Iranians were in Lebanon and Syria at the weekend suring up support. They even (after they had got the petals and rice out of their hair) had time to issue a rather ironic joint declaration with the Lebanese calling on the world to pressurise Israel into giving up its WMDs. WMD declaration

    So who knows what, if anything, the Iranians are planning :?
  14. Me niether but I bet it will involve a lot of shouting and jumping about.