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Iran has a new stelth fighter.

Don`t know if this has already been done. Stern reports that Iran have announced a new stealth fighter. Looks like a f22 copy. HBQmS3AO_Pxgen_r_467xA.jpg


Book Reviewer
They can build something that flies.

Whether they can build something that has systems capable of engaging, with any hope of survival, with anything like an F18 or Typhoon is another matter altogether.

They can't keep, and never could, their old F14s in service so this thing is likely a vanity project.
There's something suspiscious about that rather small aircraft...! I can't quite put my finger on it.......but has anyone seen that car bodger Lipu lately?


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Book Reviewer
Reading through that thread on the aviation forum makes it quite clear that the Iranians aren't actually claiming to have built this thing yet. It's a rough mockup of what they intend to build one day and they admit the flying footage is of an RC model.

Nothing to see here, just a shit prototype which will never be built.


the only experience you have of ***** is in all likelyhood at most theoretical.
Seriously? If you think that talking about "intakes are preprogramed for a flame out at a high angle of attack" is cool, and clever, then I can guarantee that I get more clunge than you.

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