Iran declares key nuclear advance, enriched uranium

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DrStealth, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. Iran declares key nuclear advance

    ................. i watched 'Dr Strangelove' just last night, it dont seem so funny now.
  2. What gets me is, Iran wants to go nuclear, so let them. Why do the Yanks always scream shock horror at others who want to produce nuclear energy. God, no wonder most people round the world hate the Yanks!!!
  3. Well said IJ

    I hate the yanks as well

    Now, back to the Iranian's nuclear weapon programme...
  4. Whats the rant about the yanks for ? Its Iran that has the issues .Or dont you read the papers/ watch the news.
  5. And of course the yanks are screaming shock horror at the Iranians because all they want to produce is nuclear energy....?!
    Only if its in the form of a bucket of instant sunshine.

    Edited as i had a shocker with typing
  6. I read the papers also. Here's a couple of Iran's not so well publicised issues:

    They can enrich uranium to 2% of what is possible, enabling them to provide nuclear power as an option.

    They need to enrich uranium to 90% of what is possible to reach weapons grade.

    Too many gullible people out there, who are fool enough to believe the US influenced hyperbole that's slavishly served up day after day in British papers/TV news are the ones with 'issues'.
  7. Who says they want weapons grade, they might just want to make a crude nuclear device or give to underisables that might use it against us.
  8. Wow, you've really got the paranoia bug haven't you?? Thank Christ it's only in that wild imagination of yours, and you haven't got the actual means to act pre-emptively. You really should treat what comes out of the undesirable whitehouse as a pack of lies - that's the only safe option in these trigger happy days of the bogus 'war on terror'
  9. Or too many people have listened to what the Iranian govt has been saying it should or will do or what should happen to Israel and are worried about the idea of Iran getting nuclear weapons.

    You might want to lay off the blinkered anti-american bollix for long enough to see other sides to this issue.
  10. Did I say we should nuke 'em to hell? No, let diplomacy run its course then act.
  11. *sigh*

    The number of centrifuges they have running through once would enrich 2% which is enough for some types of civil nuclear power, no types need above 5%. However, there is nothing stopping them running the gas through again and again and again. It would take a while but once they're running they *can* enrich uranium to the extent where they could use it in a nuclear weapon. By destroying their ability to enrich now we wouldn't have the problem in 3 years when they are expected to have a bomb whereby we could destroy facilities but we would not know if we'd got rid of their enriched uranium.

    Iran are being arrses. They are making trouble. Iran can not be trusted with a military nuclear program. Russia offered to supply enriched uranium to iran and take it away again after, iran turned it down. America are MORE trustworthy with a nuclear program than Iran. At the end of the day any country can not be denied a civil nuclear program (under climate change convention), but we can deny them a military program. Iran with instant sunshine would be a bad thing. They could hit israel, interests in several countries including possibly cyprus and would destabalise the region "we've got nukes, give in or we use" etc.

    At the end of the day if we can't stop them doing this through "please don't me mean" tatics then f*** it, bomb them.

    I've had enough of these little f***ers, they're a pain in the backside. Anyone or any country that feels another must be "wiped off the map" has some serious problems. I don't want to see another war but I also don't want to see appeasement after appeasement and then "whoops" and everyone who claimed iran were OK fades subtely into the background and everyone else who stayed silent (not in my name?) comes forward baying for blood because x number of innocents have been nastily wiped out by evil evil iran. Or "they used nukes cos they were scared, let's talk to them", that type, wouldn't that be nice.
  12. The only happy moment was watching Richard Perle crash-reverse on Newsnight. My oh my Richard 'O what a tangled web....'

  13. 46 years, 322 days to be a bit more precise...

  14. Where did you get that figure from?

    Also what is to say they don't double their centrifuges in the next year, then double again? Suddenly 10 years. What if they triple? How much do they *need* for a bomb. In theory it's only about 5kg I believe (ready to be corrected), however they may be basing their figures on a standard bomb size, rather than how much is needed to go critical. How many bombs?

    It's a step in the wrong direction for Iran. By turning down the russian offer and making bad noises towards other nations they are bringing things down on them.
  15. Which is the intention. Did anyone notice they'd enriched Uranium under 'laboratory' conditions as opposed to whacking through 5 kees of the stuff in one hit?

    I did pause to reflect though , given the sheer scale and breadth of the Iranian operation , and how obvious it all is , I did have to wonder how we actually thought Saddam was going to have a Nuclear capability in the next 20 years , never mind 2-5.

    Iran wants that confrontation , they want to become the lead Muslim nation , and the President, believes it worth a few thousand dead to unite Radical Islam in his corner.

    And he has the perfect US administration to help him achieve that goal.