Iran could wipe out Isreal

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by IrishG, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. Well, lets see it happen then. All we see from Israel and Iran is a lot of rhetoric and I think thats all we will see.
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  2. D'ya think there would be much call by tourists for Iranian artifacts encased in glass?
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  3. I was thinking of expanding my snow globe business.
  4. Do we outsiders get free popcorn, a deckchair and heavily tinted glasses to watch the fireworks?
  5. I dunno the Iranians seem to have been watching and learning a lot sine the Iraq-Iran affair.

    They're far from dumb and wont be seen as the agressors if they can help it. Any attack on their soil will no doubt be followed by lots of pictures of dead kiddies and women folk (even if they have to make that happen) followed by a few more million spent on stiring up trouble for Israel and the West. There's lot of nasty toys and training they could provide to make life even more difficult at rather minimal risk and so what if someone blows up a few plants out in the dessert. Just makes them look good as standing up to the West and conjures up that old Blitz spirit. Not like anyone in the West has any taste for another land war in a hot and dusty place or what would happen to the US political scene if Israel used a nuke except if it was invaded....
  6. Like most of the statements made by senior Arab or Persian military, it's intended audience is internal. Usually either the people who need reminding that the current leadership is doing a great job, or the leadership themselves who may need reminding that the military are doing a fantastic job.

    Britain, US, the EU, Russia and uncle Tom Cobley et al, all are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of both Israel's and Iran's positions and capabilities.
  7. Are you sure about that? 179 British soldiers died for nothing the last time everyone was "sure" of Iraqs capabilities.
  8. Yup, GW2 (the initial conflict) was initiated knowing a) the piss poor capability of Iraq to defend itself b) there was no WMD anyway.

    What was massively overestimated was the US's ability to deal with the aftermath, that's why 179 British soldiers died for nothing. That's the tragedy that's still unfolding in Afghanistan today.
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  9. Yes but Uncle Tom Cobley kept his mouth shut the shitbag.
  10. And in other news from the daily wail.

    It was reported today that the two hardest heads in year six were going to have a fight round the back of the Kwiksnax shop opposite the school at 3.30 on Thursday. One of them Junayd ibn abdallah said that he was going to "twat Solomon Wiseman" to show once and for all who was cock of the year.
    He has made similar threats before but on this occasion he was unusually specific and detailed. He also added that if Wiseman tried to involve his uncle Samuel lincoln W bush the second, then he would bring his cousin Sayeed who was cock of all the world because he used to spar with Prince Naseem down at the gym.
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  11. I would love to be a fly on the wall when Intelligence had to explain that little **** up - I wonder if that and Afghanistan have prevented 'boots on the ground' in recent conflicts? Pity it wasnt all boots on the ground, the Embassy/Foreign Office staff seem to have been allowed to face the music of the GWOT.
  12. Apart from the fact that Blair and other politicians blatently lied about the fact that Iraq had WMDs and used that as a basis to go in.