Iran Complains About Terrorists in Pakistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Mar 2, 2007.

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  1. I am sure India and Afghanistan feel the same.

    TEHRAN (AFP) - A top Iranian cleric accused Pakistan on Friday of becoming a "terrorist sanctuary," following an upsurge of violence on the two nations' border area that Tehran blames on plots by arch foe the United States and on Pakistan's inability to control its border.

    "Though Pakistan is our neighbour, little by little it is losing its neighbourly manners. Pakistan has become a sanctuary of terrorists who kill people in Zahedan," hardline cleric Hojatoleslam Ahmad Khatami told Friday worshippers in Tehran.

    Zahedan is the capital of the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchestan, which is home to a population of minority Baluch Sunni Muslims. It borders Pakistan to the south and
    Afghanistan to the north.

    Thirteen Revolutionary Guards were killed last month when militants set off a car bomb in Zahedan, and security forces also clashed with militants in the city when a percussion bomb exploded.

    And on Tuesday, four policemen were killed, one abducted and another wounded in Sistan-Baluchestan by rebels who then allegedly fled towards Pakistan.

    "Pakistan should be careful not to fall into the US trap, since it will be the loser, undoubtedly," Khatami added in a sermon broadcast live on state radio.

    "Iran is a strong country. Certainly being
    Iran's friend is much better than being the US and
    Israel's friend. There is no benefit in being the US and Israel's friend," he said to the habitual chants of "death to America, and death to Israel."

    Iran summoned Pakistan's ambassador after the unrest last month and both sides agreed to reinforce border security.
  2. Hello kettle, this is pot.....
  3. ...send colour over
  4. Like Iranian uranium, I feel suitably enriched.
  5. Stupid Iranians. Pakistan has had nuclear capability since 1984 (only 10 years after Bhutto first demanded the bomb), meanwhile the Iranians are still unable to produce one of their own, even with A.Q Khan selling them blueprints :thumleft: Losers.

    And given that India and Afghanistan are arguably two of the most terrorist infested nations in the world (hell India has more 'insurgencies' than any country on earth), they can hardly complain about Pakistan.
  6. Herein lies the problem, lack of under investment and oppression has mean separatism has flourished. It is also ironic that the Indians who have supported Balochi separatism in Pakistan, have probably indirectly sponsored the very nationalists who are causing Iran harm now.