Iran can now produce enriched Uranium

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_Kurgen, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. How long does it take for 3000 centrifuges to make enough 99% u235 for a sizeable bomb? Because that may be how long we've got...

    That or 3%-7% enriched uranium for a reactor - put through the reactor and lovely Pu239 out the end of it.

    Anyone got any idea on timescales?

    Iran are blatantly asking for it. Iran and North Korea seriously need to be sorted out in some format as they are the major dangers in the world today (despite some of what the US does and says)
  2. Without wishing to come across as a Bacofoil Headress Fashion Guru, how much non fissile material does it take to create a sizeable "Dirty Bomb?"
    That scenario is far more scary
  3. It does make sense that the Iranians would want nuclear technology! With nuclear technology powering there industries they can sell there oil to gain valuable foreign currency and use that to improve there infrastructure? military? Support for Shia militant organizations?
    If i am right in thinking the waste from the nuclear fuel process can be used in nuclear weapons and if not some of that enriched uranium might be too tempting to keep out of a rocket or two.
  4. Bomb the lot of 'em. Now.
  5. Yes it can - hence why to start with all our nuclear reactors were actually for production of plutonium (after reprocessing).

    I have absolutely NO doubt that this is not for electricity production. Put simply it will be cheaper for them to use their own fossil fuel reserves than to use nuclear power.
    If diversifying then why not do it the same way Brazil did? Brazil is now a nuclear power - this is only recent but they did this through full cooperation, implementing all checks needed. Iran could have jumped through the same hoops if they weren't up to something
  6. I don't think the west is directly threatened by a nuclear Iran but imagine if Iran had 2-3 nuclear tipped rockets and fired these along with 100-200 non-nuclear rockets at Israel.....
    How would Israel react? What would we do? How would the wider Islamic world react?
    I believe that Iran will develop a nuclear weapon or two, never officially announce but maybe hint at there existence and so give there sabre some bite when it is rattled at Israel.
  7. I understand and agree it would of been better for iran to have gone te same way as Brazil but the USA is the great satan in there governments eyes.
    Anything seen as bowing to American pressure would of been political suicide for the Iranian government.
    They do need foreign currency to buy all the shiny new kit for there armed forces the nuclear reactors from Russia and improve the countries infrastructure.
  8. From the experts;
    The latest estimate from the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London (in its 2007 annual review) says: "If and when Iran does have 3,000 centrifuges operating smoothly, the IISS estimates it would take an additional 9-11 months to produce 25 kg of highly enriched uranium, enough for one implosion-type weapon. That day is still 2-3 years away at the earliest."
  9. How many times do you think they would rattle the sabres before the Israelis retaliated - or the Septics- or a bipartite strike to show a bit of solidarity?

    Very scary and asking for a pre-emptive jobber maybe using EMP warheads as a starter and a warning :!:
  10. The timing of this is presumably no accident . . .

    Comments please, Blair, Bush and the UN?
  11. I dont believe Iran is at the stage where it can enrich uranium on an industrial scale. Its just Ahmedinejad mouthing off on 'nuclear technology day'.
  12. What would they strike at? Israeli intelligence are good but they would have there work cut out getting the intelligence needed and the world would not believe anything short of a bomb being brought out as proof. If Israel did strike Basra would explode ,Lebanon too. The wider Islamic world would see it as a Western-Zionist attack on the Islamic world and who knows where that would lead?
  13. Well now! What a surprise!

    Maybe it is time for the 'clown' Bush' and his circus dog 'Bliar' to understand that: no, they do not jointly rule the world!

    Right now, it might be quite a good time to be Iranian (except for the mad and crazed mullahs).

    I am at a loss to remember when the Iranians last invaded a country having common borders with us - I must be getting old.

    My Prayers:

    America will soon have a President with more than one working brain cell.

    We will soon be rid of a Prime Minister with one working brain cell.

    Wales will win the rugby World Cup.