Iran begins new submarine production

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Aug 25, 2008.

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  2. And who said limiting astute production and winding down the navy was not short sighted?
  3. The cold war is over - what could we possibly need a Navy for???
  4. A warm war. Trunks are definitly more suited to the Arabian Gulf than they ever were to the North Sea. And no need to drink hot wine sh1te in the winter. Result
  5. Well thats settled it. Move over Jack - Room for a skinny one?


    Only because the thought of war with them has western arrses twitching. Well arrses or wallets, or both! 8O
  6. That'll be a licence built Russian Kilo then. Ideal for what they want.
  7. Or more likely an "Amur" - designed for export/local manufacture...
  8. Their targetting cell must have forgotten what daylight is...
  9. I shouldn't worry, any Iranian submarine will have to surface 5 times a day and point towards Mecca to allow the crew to pray.

  10. :lol: Class...
  11. :twisted: Methinks a tragic accident/mechanical failure may occur when the Iranian sub finally sets sail like the Kursk.
  12. [​IMG]

    Will they require an Entertainments Officer?
  13. Thats actually not a bad call, they already have ex-Russian KILO's in service, and based their current mini sub fleet on a scaled down version. Were are they getting their high strength steels from for the hulls though? Doubt very much they have foundries of that sophistication in country - must have come from Mother Russia.

    Side note, imagine the smell onboard one of the feck'ers, its bad enough with British Matlows - shudder to think what the Camel Whallopers would be like!!! :wink:
  14. Given the nature of this specific threat, Astute is far from the best tool for the task of hunting these chaps. Selling the Upholder class to the Canucks is revealed as one of this administration's biggest fuck-ups,"Oh, the cold war is over and the Russians are our best bosom buddies now; no need for any subs optimised to kick arrse in littoral water any more". I'd act surprised, but I'm not; smarter folk than me predicted as much back when they were decommissioned and put in mothballs. Anyone care to lay a bet on how long it is before the iranians attempt to sink a CV? And when they do brace yourself for $200 a barrel and a big scary economic meltdown.

    /tinfoil hat.