Iran begins 10 days of war games


Iran opened a sabre-rattling show of military might today by firing a long-range weapon said to be capable of carrying nuclear warheads and striking Israel and US forces in the Middle East.

Revolutionary Guards tested a Shahab-3 missile at the start of 10 days of war games in a calculated rebuff to the west. The war games, codenamed Operation Great Prophet 2, were announced in retaliation for US-led manoeuvres earlier this week in the strategically vital Gulf, through which 20% of the world’s oil passes. In an apparent rehearsal for an anti-Iranian embargo, allied warships practised surveillance of suspected illegal shipments of weapons parts.

Iran denounced the manoeuvres - in which Britain also participated along with France, Italy, Australia and Bahrain - as “adventurist”. It responded yesterday by announcing a series of exercises in the Gulf, the Sea of Oman and 14 provinces across the country.

The head of the Revolutionary Guards, General Yahya Rahim Safavi, said Iran’s response was not intended to threaten its neighbours but as a powerful signal to its enemies. “We want to show our deterrent and defensive power to trans-regional enemies, and we hope they will understand the message of the manoeuvres,” he said. “The first and main goal is to demonstrate the power and national determination to defend the country against possible threat.”

The Shahab-3 missile fired today has an estimated range of 1,240 miles. State television said the exercises also included tests on the shorter-range Shahab-2 to take account of adjustments to install it with cluster warheads and give it the capacity to carry 1,400 bombs.

Solid-fuel Zalzal missiles were also launched, as were guided missiles as well as Scud-B, Zolfaghar-73 and Z-3 weapons.

It is the third set of war games Iran’s military has staged this year as it has stepped up activity in response to escalating tensions over the nuclear crisis. In April, new missiles and torpedoes were tested in what was seen as a display of Iran’s potential to disrupt oil shipments.

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So what - and we don't........ Let's see.......
Oh my mean other countries have exercises too!!!!

Attack! attack! attack!
me n bee said:
So what - and we don't........ Let's see.......

I know, just work displacement activity thats all


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#5 they have every year since 1988 when Iran was one of my patch as a DESO desk officer.

Funny old thing reading the posts in <<(Poll) No 10 heading for trouble>> talking about how British policy has merely shadowed the word from Washington.....

In the three years I dealt with Iran, the Foreign Office kept telling us that, once the current crisis was resolved, Britain would normalise relations.....first it was Iran-Iraq War...then it was British businessman Ian Cooper...then it was Terry Waite/John McCarthy being held by (Iran proxy) Hezbollah.....the reality was that Britain's policy towards Iran was slavishly following whatever Foggy Bottom decreed ( and this was under Thatcher mark you- to the extent that people supplying aircraft tyres from Dunlop for Iranian Phantoms were threatened with jail) ....which in turn is reliant on 'Local advice' from Good Ol Boys in Mossad, actually....

Plus Ca Change

I just hope that if the ghastly day dawns when the combined AIPAC and NeoCon lobbies on Capitol Hill get what they earnestly desire and Operation Persian Freedom is launched, whoever has their feet under the desk in Ten Downing Street has sufficient cojones to say:

" Sure we'll help - we'll hold your coat Sam....Hooo-ah ! "

Lee Shaver ( optimistic streak wider than the M25)

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