Iran attack possible, says Cameron

Telegraph said:
Iran attack possible, says Cameron

A pre-emptive military strike against Iran involving British troops could be launched under a Conservative government after David Cameron yesterday refused to rule out the use of force against the Gulf state.

Mr Cameron said it would be wrong for a future Tory administration to rule out an attack on Iran. "It's not sensible to rule all these things out in advance however much you want to avoid them."

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, he said that while Iran had a right to civil nuclear power it was imperative that the West stopped the country developing nuclear weapons. "Especially as the president [of Iran] has said that he wants to wipe the state of Israel off the map."


Is that the best he can do to 'ease' overstretch in the Armed Forces? :x


That is all we need
I say let merika do it, they have more troops and more money allotted to burn on this sort of caper!
Call me Dave seems to be setting out his stall to fail already.... has also parked his mountain bike next to stall to look all Eco and green
I do not support the Iranians necessarily but I don't like seeing Cameron lying.
And I do say lying.
Ahmadinejad has never said he wants to wipe Israel of the map. He has said words to the effect that the state of Israel will disappear into history which is different.
He words are being maliciously misinterpreted.
Cameron knows what the Iranian president has really said alright but has perpetuated the lie being put around in order to curry favour with the Americans. The leaders of both our lead parties are keeping in with the Americans for reasons that aren't entirely clear. It would not benefit the British people nor world security if we join in on an attack of Iran.

Sometime ago seeing American difficulties in Iraq the Iranian president sent an open letter to G. Bush.
Whilst it waffles a bit this guy can at least think and write in whole sentences.

It's often essential to get the words straight from the horse's mouth rather than rely on self interested and malicious misinterpretations.
going to be an cake and arse party by the looks of it, the Iranian were probably the only representive democracy of a sort for a Muslim nation and Bush is about to do something really stupid again, nothing brings the different elements of Iranians together more than a foreign invasion, The clerics will love it, no better way to draw attention away from internal problems than an exterenal threat.
Yes semper,
that will be one excuse for attacking Iran nobody will be able to use.
They have some sort of elective 'democracy'.

And your second point is spot on. The Shia sect is the martyr sect of Islam. The more we make them suffer the more they will absorb it and continue desperately and madly without thought for personal safety.
And anyone who thinks it might be a good idea to attack Iran should first read 'The Longest War' by Dilip Hiro.(it is about the Iraq/Iranian war and a good read.)
Those mothers are clever brave and resourceful defending their own land. AND Iran is about three times the size of Iraq.

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