IRAN: Are they just stirring the sh*t


Just been on BBC 24 that Iran are questioning the validity of the Holocaust.

Are these people just looking for fisticuffs with Nuclear tipped knuckles ??

Goading the Israeli's is never a good thing, and this will clearly ruffle a few skull caps!!
WTF are Israel going to do about it?

This is just part of Ahmadinejad's rabble rousing for domestic political gain. Given the US and Israel's inability to act on the matter, the best thing that can be done is ignore him. He depends on foreigners' sabre-rattling to make him popular at home. It's a mistake to think that from a diplomatic standpoint every word he utters should be dignified by a response. Ignore him and you'll just cut off his oxygen supply.

The Iranian people aren't idiots, most of them have no problem at all with Jews or The West- unless they start threatening bombing and/or invasion.

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