Iran and the 12th Imam

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Dec 9, 2005.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    T6 - no-one with any sense wants to see Iran with nuclear weapons. They are ruled by a necrocracy - they follow the words and thoughts of a long-dead leader. They are really, really likely to use NW if and when they get them - something that not even the most rabid liberal would say about the Israelis, or the most rabid right winger about the N Koreans.

    I would bet a very large amount of money (not mine, as I don't have a large amount of money) that they WILL be stopped from final acquisition.
  2. I'm guessing that that's likely a safe bet.

    Not only that, but I suspect that there's going to be Big Trouble even if the Iranians aren't in the process of fabricating a nuclear bomb and even if they were truthful in insisting that they are only enriching uranium to generate electricity. (I don't pretend to know whether they are building nuclear weapons or not.)
  3. That article is a load of hogwash.

    The coming of the "Mehdi" actually predates Judgement Day, which is predestined, and the idea that nuclear weapons are going to be used to accelerate the process is simply not true because noone can make it arrive any faster!

    Who are Iran going to target anyway? Israel? Jerusalem? Islam's third holiest city? Dont think so somehow!

    How the hell do they come up with such ill-informed trash?!

    Then again what do you expect from a Fox News military analyst...

    Lets not forget Ahmedinejad doesnt set Iranian policy, theres cooler heads behind him.

    All this talk of attacking nuclear facilties is getting tiresome now.

    Heres my take on it.

    I believe neither the US or Israel know with 100% certainty where all Iran's nuclear facilities are. Are they really prepared to start a massive bombing campaign with such incomplete intel? The risk is that enough of Iran's nuclear infrastructure survives to enable Iran to continue with the project and they end up with nukes regardless. As I pointed out in a previous thread thats exactly what happened with Iraq after the Israelis bombed Osirak. Far from saving the world all that raid did was make Saddam intensify and actually speed up the Iraqi nuke project in secret. It was only completely dismantled after Desert Storm.

    As for other options, I doubt whether covert operations or sabotage would be that effective. Again, we dont know how successful they would be since we dont have sufficient intel.

    Sanctions wouldnt work especially with oil being as high as it is now and Iran could make life very difficult for oil-dependent countries.

    The only guaranteed way to ensure Iran doesnt get nukes is to do another Iraq and thats hardly likely is it?

    The way I see it, Iran gets nukes within the next 5-10 years regardless of what action we take and it looks like we'll just have to get used to it, unpalatable as some may find it.

    The Israelis would be better off getting themselves a second strike capability which they're rumoured to be doing with those subs from Germany they've ordered.
  4. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    'Iran claims that it deserves to be a nuclear power like the United States and Russia. However, unlike the United States and Russia, which developed nuclear arsenals as mechanisms of deterrence.'(from the article)

    Ok maybe I read my history books wrong, but the ONLY country to ever have used nuclear weapons is the USA. It may be argued, I guess, that this was to deter the Japanese from fighting. If that's the argument their development was 4 years too late.
  5. Doesn't that mean they're ruled by Zombies? A ha! We must find their Weapons Of Mass Zombification!
  6. oooh a bunch of Christian eschatologists produce a load of tosh on Shi'ia eschatology and it gets into mainstream American media 8O
    Never mind that since day one of the Imam's occultation (over 1200 years ago) the twelvers have been claiming that the mahdi return was 'imminent'.
  7. Doesn't producing these articles come down to a fundamental clash of attitudes between the USA and the Rest of the West? Isn't it something about Americans always needing to emotionalise their conflicts while us Brits in particular see emotion as something that gets in the way of sound practice?
    I think that largely explains this need by Fox News, etc., to produce such hysterical propaganda.