Iran and Russia defy US by signing nuclear fuel deal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 28, 2005.

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  1. Is it me or do i remember correctly that putin stood next to the hairless chimp last week and agreed that iran and north korea should NOT have the bomb??

  2. i suppose he thinks the "repatriate all spent nuclear fuel to Russia" part maintains that position.

    Reminds me of Trudeau selling "Cando" nuclear reactors to india. They'd never use it to build a bomb........... :lol:
  3. All very well asking them to return the waste material, but do you remember what happened to large parts of the USSR's atomic material stockpile at the end of the cold war?

    "Ummm, Mr IAEE inspector, we dont know where that batch of plutonium has gone. I think we stored it out the back for safe keeping sometime in the 70's! You might want to ask those friendly chechnians that lurk round the test facility."

    Doesn't inspire great confidence in the russian record keeping dept!

  4. I bet that the contractors applying the final paint finishes ahead of the reactor opening are now cra**ing themselves - probably have stiff necks from looking up into the sky for the first whisper of a jet engine.....
  5. I still wait to be completely convinced that the Iranians are doing anything other than what they say they are doing. The kit that everybody is concerned about is "dual-use", in that it is needed to refine fuel for civilain use. Given that the present US and UK governments have led us up the garden path once about WMDs can they be trusted this time?

    Just because the US is relatively happy to be the world's biggest polluter and the UK government is too far up it's own arrse to have a sensible power generation policy doesn't necessarily mean that everybody else is as foolish and short sighted
  6. The US is not the world's biggest polluter - India and China are.
  7. I think you are right, but by head of capita, the US is the heaviest polluter. they have about 300million whereas india and china have about 2 billion for not much higer (individual country) pollution rates.

  8. I wonder if that fuel will be going by road or by air ? Sure wouldnt want to see it get lost en route.
  9. Don't worry - Sellafield 'lost' 30kg of plutonium because of a 'paperwork cock-up'!
  10. Worst thing is they dont actually know if they lost it or if it never actually existed! 8O 8O 8O

    Therefore, bin laden et al could be creaming their pants over the thought of a few dirty bombs, or some bean counter with fat fingers put in the wrong number on the consignement note! :D
  11. Something like that was also said when Canada sold, or gave, India Cando reactors