Iran and Nukes


Found this Post on the Iraqi military Website - its obviously written by an American - and is food for thought - lets hope it remains just that.

I read somewhere once that the cause of man`s destruction will be man himself - we`re on the right track
LIMA said:
Found this Post on the Iraqi military Website - its obviously written by an American - and is food for thought - lets hope it remains just that.
Hmmmm! Iraqi military Website??????? Are you sure?

Link you gave clearly said Iran. I know it's difficult this geography thing, but....

BTW. is a site run by 'royalist' iranian exiles whose sole purpose in life seems to be the overthrow of the mullahs in what they call their 'homeland'. Cut & pasting an article with that theme is standard fare for their posters. Be careful of their message though. It was just those sort of people, albeit Iraqi, that convinced the US that their homeland was awash with WMD - which we all know what consequences that lie has brought!
You only have to look at the IIAF site to get "The message" too

I love these "exile" sites , I prefer the ones where they speak of genuine love and homesickness for their country with photos and anecdotes , as opposed to "I saw 20 scuds parked up in the car park of Al-Lidl's in Bandar Abbas"
That forum makes me laugh, they all seem to think that they will be able to stop a US attack when they would be blatently be burned to a cinder by the US air attack. But nuke Iran well 'low level' means nothing the radiation would kill thousands, thats colateral damage. The thing is the Iranians would just loose either way, the Israelies could do the job on their own, the US would intervene because it would want to protect its forces in Iraq, now the Iranians would proberly attack our lot down in the South which means we would ploughed into the war too.
TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran said on Sunday it was preparing to remove U.N. seals at some nuclear research and development sites, despite strong Western opposition to its decision to resume atomic work halted more than two years ago.

It would be the second time in five months that Iran, which the West suspects is bent on building atomic bombs but which insists its nuclear programme is peaceful, lifted some seals put in place by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).


Austrian Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik, whose country has just taken over the European Union presidency, told visiting European journalists that Iran was "a very worrying situation indeed".

She said the EU had made it clear to Iran that, far from increasing confidence in the peaceful intentions of its nuclear programme, the announced decision to resume nuclear research and development was "the wrong step in the wrong direction and is a cause of very serious concern".


Washington and the EU want Iran to agree to a proposal, put forward by Moscow, that Iran transfer all its uranium-enrichment activities to a joint venture in Russia.

Russian and Iranian officials met in Tehran at the weekend to discuss the plan but Iran has made it clear it will only consider ideas that allow it to carry out enrichment on its own soil.

"Iran to remove U.N. seals at atomic research sites" by Parisa Hafezi.
Sun Jan 8, 2006 1:46 PM ET

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