Iran and Germany

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Aug 29, 2006.

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  1. Iran proposes an alliance with Germany. He probably has been watching too many WW2 movies.

  2. Simple these "Arabs" fancy Blondes so Angei baby is on his list.
    Germany was always the Arabs friend. During WW I Germany did much properganda work in this part of the world with the aim of overthroughing British influence.
    My German friend likes to tell of when he worked in Eygpt in the 60s, 'They loved us john and always asked why we never got there in 42.'
  3. Yes and Mein Kampf is a best-seller over there.

    "Pity you guys never got to finish that Final Solution thing, wanna give us advice on how to do it for you?"

    Genocidal f***s merely lacking the wherewithal. Working on it, though.
  4. I think that if Iran would propose an alliance with Venzuela, Venezuala would be a baddy as well.

    I think that just because a country thinks they'd like a certain ally, it doesn't make that country bad or evil!

    What would you say if Iran proposed that the USofA sided with them because of their excellent track record with native americans?!
  5. Iran's not wanting to exterminate Native Americans. They are looking to exterminate Jews. In Ahmedinejad's twisted little skull, the Germans are the "Go-To Guys" for such a project.

    Besides, we Americans were never so scientific, industrious, business-like, or efficient at killing off the Native American, as the Germans were at killing Jews. Heck, we were downright sloppy about it, there are still Amerinds alive! You'd think we weren't serious about the project or something... :roll: