Iran after May 5th ?

will Bliar go with Bush to Iran after May 5th?

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do you reckon Bliar and Bush will go for Iran if he wins the election ?
Course he will, he is a lapdog of George W, he has no back bone to turn around and say 'No' to the Yanks.

I just wonder ewhat excuse they are gonna come out with to justify it!!
With a bit of luck it might not be his decision after the 5th of May.

But assuming he is still in Number 10...I'd figure about 6 months after that we'll be in Iran - and who said he'd bother with an excuse? He'd have 3 or 4 years to butter people back up and I didn't think he was planning to go to a 4th election anyway.
Backbone or no, to go into Iran we need a couple of troops free, some of which need to be infantry...... we've got nothing left. We are left with nothing we can do but shout from the sidelines.
Plant-Pilot said:
Backbone or no, to go into Iran we need a couple of troops free, some of which need to be infantry...... we've got nothing left. We are left with nothing we can do but shout from the sidelines.
But that won't stop the silly sod will it? Military bleating about capability? What do they know?

One can only hope that if he does the immediate backlash (and there will be one) will drive heim out of power.

There is still plenty of cynicism regarding Iraq (it will cost Labour in the election) that to go into Iran would cost him plenty. Still think he would mind 8O 8O
I, like most of you, think Blair is a w*nker who will follow Bush like the lost sheep he is but even he, with his ideas of Tony Infallability cannot even begin to consider Iran. He must know the public wouldn't stand for it and we don't have the military capability to carry it out at the present time. In fact, the US don't have the military capability to go into Iran unless all they intent to do is drop a bucket full of sunshine, which will not happen, even with a redneck on the button.
Even the president of the United States of Apathy would be hard pressed to find enough troops for another invasion.

Surely the Chief Idiot of the worlds biggest village isn't that thick?
now that the cabinet and the people know that he lied to go into Iraq and that there is a good chance that it was illegal, they will want firm evidence before even allowing the prat to consider it.
Stand by for another terrorist atrocity somewhere then. Nothing to stiffen the public spirit and bring out the warrior in him than seeing Johnny Foreigner blow up some innocent bystanders. Helps if said foreigner is arabic.
If he gets a sizeable majority, i think he will view it as W did, a blamk cheque book signed by the electorate!

Fill yer boots tony! :roll:

hence why we need to get them out of office (or substantially reduce their majority!)
You could argue that with Tony's blood-lust and therefore defence being a growing industry, that our jobs are at least secure!
The only thing that will oust The President is if it was discovered that he is a closet fox hunter.

The invasion of Iraq is entirely acceptable because he just happened to be in the area when it broke cover and he just couldn't stop his highly-strung pack of lackeys...

Tragic, really. :roll:
I can't see Iran in 05. Not even 06, as there is a substantial NATO committment to Afghanistan with a possible 5K Brit contingent freed up by withdrawls from Iraq. I'm sure once Afghanistan is calming down then the troops will be heading back to Iraq, and so on in a ping-pong manner...

I can see Dubya (either using the US or an Israeli proxy) bombing Iran - will we provide backup along the lines of air-air refuelling or airborne surveillance? And what happens when the bombing proves inconclusive?

Yes - if the Dear Leader's party is re-elected with a respectable majority he will see it as carte blanc to do as he pleases... :evil: Bliar out in 05!

I apologise for my poor geographical knowledge, I thought that Iran was an arabic country. A blessed releif if they're not, surely less chance of a dust-up with them then.
semper said:
do you reckon Bliar and Bush will go for Iran if he wins the election ?
Dear Semper!

I don't think that highly esteemed mr.Bush will go against Iran with mysterious mr.Bliar. I don't think that learned mr.Bush wiil do it in any company (with mr.Blair, mr.Howard or mr.Kennedy).

Even bombings of Iran (with or without anybody) will be very unprobable.

1. 60% of Iraqi population are shia Muslims. Iran is country of shia Islam. Even spiritual leader of Iraqi Muslims is Iranian - grand ayatolla al-Sistani. So reaction of Iraqi shia's is predictable.

2. Iran is a big country 2.5 more populated than Iraq. Unlike Iraq, Iran is mountaneous cpuntry - it's ideal for guerilla war.

3. Iranian army is not weak and large enough. Iranians had time to prepare.

4. Unlike Iraq, there is no international sanctions against Iran. Iranians have money, they are buying and will buy modern weapons in Russia (for example).

5. Mr.Bush understands that USA can be defeated in Iran (as in Vietnam) and it will inevitably lead to defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan (as defeat in Vietnam led to defeat in Laos and Cambodga).

6. American propaganda is very passive on Iranian direction - clear mark.
" Eye-ran, eye-rak, who gives a rats ass, they're all russian!" - G.W.Bush
indeed KGB , one thing tho , what are we going to do if it is discovered that Iran has developed Nuclear weapons ? a fundamentalist islamic country with nuclear missiles doesn't bear thinking about ?
they have got all the oil they can generate electricity easily from that , they don't need a nuclear power station, i personaly feel it is a smoke screen.

i can see it now

"convert to the shia faith or we will nuke you!" :?
Then Saudi Arabia et al (Sunni) can say 'protect us from these evil Iranians' (there is no love lost between the Arabs and the Persians) and then Bush can say something along the lines of:

' My fellow Americans, today I have nukified the evil regime of those pesky Eyeranians. This act was in tokenisation of our long and trusting relationship with Sawdee Arabia, who asked us to respond with all violencification. This we have done, and today Tehran is a smoking hole. God bless you and God bless America.'
Surely the Iranians would never lie? They wouldn't would they?

I mean, they can't be that dangerous, it's not as if they've ever supported terrorism.

And they like the west don't they?

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