Iran- 2 protestors hanged

Two political activists have been executed.

Accounts differ, but it appears that they were associates of a pro-Monarchist militant group, but were already in custody BEFORE the election rioting.

It looks like another warning shot from the Government to the opposition-'Keep this up, and you'll go the same way.'
I just had a lovely sandwich for dinner, oh and some nice fruit!
damn...another blow to the assertions of those on here and elsewhere who insist the current regime isn't that bad, it's just US propaganda before they invade...
News item from Reuters

Iran's chief judge refuses to hang any more, unless in accordance with law.
Probably not a great concession, but it sounds like he's trying not to be painted as an Iranian 'hangin' Judge', at the beck and call of the Establishment.
Might make all the difference, come the Revolution...
wrinkles said:
Do I take it they were awarded suspended sentences!!!
Nah. Just left hanging around in custody.

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