IRA victims father to meet Adams

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by JP47, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. IRA victim's father to meet Adams

    The Peace Foundation was inspired by the Warrington bombing
    The father of a 12-year-old boy killed by the IRA in Warrington in 1993 is to meet Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams for the first time.
    Colin Parry, whose son Tim was killed in the bomb blast, has created the Foundation For Peace based in the town to press for an end to violence.

    It works with victims of political violence and paramilitary fighters.

    Mr Parry has said that meeting Mr Adams will be "a challenge" but a "vital step" both for him and the foundation.

    The charitable foundation was set up in memory of Mr Parry's son, and three-year-old Jonathan Ball, who was also killed in the blast.

    Mr Parry said the work of the past 12 years was a "positive outcome from a tragic event".

    He said: "I want Gerry Adams to realise that, despite the loss of my son, we've achieved a great deal.

    "Personally, meeting Gerry Adams is a challenge for me. I can't say it'll be easy - it may not be easy for him, either. But I've got to face him, speak to him."

    Mr Parry said he was not looking for the Sinn Fein leader to make amends for the loss of his son at the London meeting.

    "I don't want an apology, I don't expect an apology. That is not on the agenda, if I got one it wouldn't mean anything.

    "I can't do much about the pain my family and I have been through in the past but if we can do something to help that will be for the greater good.

    "If it stops other people being injured or killed we will have achieved something."

    He added: "The trust, set up by my wife and I, will work with anyone or any organisation if it means less people become victims and peace is achieved.

    "I'd even go far as to say we would work with Osama Bin Laden for peace talks."

    Mr Adams said: "The peace process in Ireland has come a long way - of course it is not over and there is much work still to be done - particularly in the field of victims, truth and reconciliation.

    "I look forward to meeting Colin Parry and sharing with him and those attending the event my hopes for the future."

    Good on you Colin, I doubt I could find it in me to be civil in the presence of Adams and his cronies , not for long anyway.
    I hope he achieves what he wants from the meeting
  2. Yeah fair play to him,however I don't think I could do it.
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I couldnt do it if I was him, last time i saw the beardie bomber I had just told this person to go forth and multiply Complete cnut at the cordon of a nasty little incident in Belfast 1983. Beardy rocked up and berated our Canadian Rupert whilst I sniggered behind his back. Apparently shoving the muzzle of your SLR in Complete Cnut's face then cocking it and explaining what his parentage was is not on you know?
  4. We live in hope...
  5. How dare you laugh at and abuse a future elected MP :lol:
  6. Sorry but I dont agree with this meeting. It's an insult to the dead sorry butt hats the way I feel.
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Not got much time for Parry. There was a documentary some years ago with him on the Shankhill or Falls, I forget which, berating squaddies on patrol and generally acting the cnut. It really pi$$ed me off as it was not the poor squaddies fault they were there but his attitude was they were part of the problem. To be honest the guys a bit of a dick and just showboating for the press.
  8. I can't say whether Mr Parry is doing the right thing or not, not being in the terrible position of having had my son murdered by those people, but I certainly sympathise with him.

    However, the insincere weasel words by Adams are as disgusting as any he has ever uttered. He sat on the Provisional Army Council at the time of the Warrington atrocity, and the PAC approved that action; it was instrumental in devising the strategy of murdering English civilians by apparently random atrocity. He approved in principle the painful murder of as many men, women and children as the explosives and shrapnel could manage. It succeeded in killing two young boys, thereby achieving the desired objective of gaining public attention to the PIRA 'cause'. I have no doubt whatsoever that Adams was hugely satisfied with the result of the Warrington bomb.

    Adams has said that he 'regretted' the atrocity and that the expression of his regret was "the right and proper thing to do."

    The right and proper thing to do would be to express it while at the end of a rope.
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Stopping the UVF knocking him off was the wrong thing to do sadly!
  10. It is just as well Mr Parry doesn't want or expect a proper alpology, because he won't get it.

    Adam's expression of "regret" was typical wealsel distortion. Even his follow up comment shows the contempt for victims - expression of regret was not because that is what was felt, but because the expression was the "right and proper thing to do"

    Murderous fecker at heart - then and still. Anyone who treats him with respect deserves contempt.
  11. You may be right O-S but I remember to this day Colin Parry's dignity as he dealt with the murder of his son.

    Take a long time for me to forget that.